Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hey ex Kids, Bombs away!

As Salam.

Finally I could download a full version of the Green day's Trilogy Album,
which is called Uno, Dos and Tre.
It actually means One, Two and Three in spanish.
Oh I like espanol but I no hablo espanol ! hablas igles :P
(Do you understand what Im saying?)

I felt in love with Green Day back then when I was in highschool,
That time their songs like American idiot, Boulevard of broken Dream,
Holiday and Wake me up when September ends been played
oftenly on the radio and television.

So I bought their album, which is a cassette tape.
Well what do you expect? a school boy to buy an original CD?
I'd have to fast from using my pocket money for few days
if I wanted to buy the CD.
Which is way impossible for me who loves to eat :P

So after that, I learn about the others Green Day songs
in their old album, it turns out that they are even awesome back then.
I started to like their songs starting from Dookie which is 1994
(The have more album before that but I didn't really like it)
until the 21st Century Breakdown that is in 2009.

Green Day at early age,
was once called themselves Sweet Children before
they turn into Green Day.

Latest pics of Green Day.
Im not sure how old are they
 but they are still Rock :P

I grew up listening to Punk Rock songs from Green Day.
And much more punk rockstar like Blink 182, Sum 41 and more.

Now, Im not really updated about all those bands
that I used to listened when I was young.
But from time to time, Im still hearing them in youtube
cause it makes me nostalgic listening back to their old songs.

At the end of last year,
Green day came out with a suprise.
Well, after like 3 years I haven't heard anything about them finally
they came out of Trilogy Album.
It was released at November 2012 for Uno,
Disember 2012 for Dos and January 2013 for Tre.

Sounds awesome but I couldn't really find
all the trilogy CD yet in Malaysia.
Last time I checked on the record store there is only album of Uno.

So I just start downloading all the songs in Album and
Walla.. I have all 3 of them now :D

Green Day X-Kid lyrics video, not officially but its nice to look at.
One of the songs from the trilogy, the Album Tre.
This songs really suit for me cause Im an ex kid (adult) :P

Another songs that I like from the album of Dos.
Its called Stray Heart.
Well actually there's a lot of songs that I like in those Trilogy Album,
it's just some of them aren't really suitable for kids out there
so I had to put the ones that is universal ^^

Did they actually play this songs in Radio or TV?
I mean come on la, this is a good songs..
atleast way better than Beauty and the Beast :P

Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's up with the bad Pixels, Minecraft?

As Salam,

Last Night my cousins came to our house,
along with the cute 3 musketeers, our nephews.
At the same time, my youngest brother was playing a games called Minecraft.

Here's a weird thing about minecraft,
its like an old games, with a lot of box and very bad pixels.
But a lot of people seems addict playing it.
I don't even understand about the games cause all I can see
what my brother did is dug a hole and fill it with something,
then he destroy it with TNT or what-so-ever.

So one of my nephew said to my youngest brothers
Kau main MAIN CRAFT juga eh?
Despite of his weird pronouncation, he is still small
but he also understand those games.
OMG how come im 3 times older than he is doesn't understand single things
about those games.

So after that, I did some research about the games.
Using google seeing the feedback from the peoples that been playing those games.

I saw this video on youtube, Minecraft Trailer.
Its pretty much explaining what I thought about Minecraft

Well you know what,
its kinda fun to do some stuff for fullfill your curiousity.
I mean when you mine deeper and deeper,
you will find something new or weird.

Im very curious to see what's exactly inside the earth. 
If I had a chance I would dig until I made it to the Inner Core of the earth.
But again, in real, not in a box of pixels world.
Cause I don't want to see zombies of boxes =_=

Maybe I would encounter this kind of monster inside the Earth core,
Fire Breathing Salamander.

Or the Dragon's that eat the World Tree, Yggdrasil
in the Norse Myth, Niddhogr.

Talk about the deeper and deeper,
I also would like to see the real deep fish
like the Anglers Fish.

Or more fascinating creature that Allah created in there, yet to be exposed.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Free Tuxedo

As Salam,

Do you believe If I told you I met One Direction last night?
Yeah of course it sounds so unbelievable but trust me you'll know later.

For some reason my school actually made One Direction performs
on our school hall.
Weird things about that is
not everyone, including the teachers
went down to the School Hall to see the live performance.
They still with their studying, teaching and their own world.
Come on, you can give study a break right?

So, I went to see the One Direction performing,
Actually Im not a huge fan of them, as much as girls out there.
It is just their songs is good, and I like boys band.
Don't take it the wrong way, I grew up listen to boys band.
Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Raihan and more.

When they are done performing it's time for Photoshooting with the fans.
That is just my favourite part because
you know how I can brag to my friends If I actually caught a picture
with an actual Stars, without have to photoshop it.

Suprising thing is,
all the girls are queing while I saw a huge path
that leads right through One Direction's member.
So, I went to them and ask someone to help taking pictures.
Sadly, then their manager or whoever
called them said they need to change to tuxedo.
They all ran to backstage, followed by me.

The members received a White Tux each
to wear for the photoshoot with fans.
And I also got a white tux since they mistoken me as one of the members.

So I quickly went down to stage and go to toilet to get changed.
Wow Imagine not just a photo of me with One Direction,
but I got same cloths with them on my photo later.

This is how I look in white tux.. lol

It was my first time wearing Tuxedo so it took me awhile to wear it.
When Im done, I went out and the hall actually already empty.
I wonder if everyone already at somewhere to catch photo with One Direction.

Suddenly, someone saw me in white tux and said,
"Dude your late, One Direction already left.."
I was dissapointed, but I still remember Im wearing the white tux.
Does this means I got a free tuxedo? Yay ME!

So I went back to my classroom, everyone looks at me.
Im wearing White Tux!
I brag to my classmates and they all are amusing by my funny moments.
On and on, I suddenly woke up.
First thing I check is my cloths..

Damn, It was the last night pjs and still remains the same T.T
I want my free white tux back..

Monday, 11 February 2013

I don't hate wedding :(

As Salam,

Yesterday I post entry about went to my cousin's wedding in Sungai Petani.
Today I have another cousin's wedding in Pekan, Pahang to attend.
Atleast that's what I thought but I overslept.
Since I slept a bit late doing some cleaning.

I really wanted to go to the wedding,
but I think its the Syaitan who moves my mouth to say NO
when my brother's ask me this morning do I want to go or not?

Now that I woke up the only things that I can feel is regret.
My house is way further for me to drive alone there.

and do you know why do I felt regret?
Didn't I told you that I hate going to wedding on last entry?
Don't take it the wrong way..
I hate studying but I still need to do it anyway, get it?

Oh yes and Im gonna missed the chances to meet some of my cousins.
Not that Im talkative enough to have very excited conversation waitingthere ,
it just when it comes to meeting good-old-cousins,
it makes you feel nostalgic.
Remembering how we grew up so fast :)

Also, not that I believe in Karma.
But I know going to any of my relatives wedding now,
will one day give advantages to me.
Like, when im the one to get married, those people should come to mine right?

Its not that I hate wedding

As Salam,

Despite of my last post which saying im trying to post atleast an entry for a day.
The date can't lie so it seems like I stopped posted for few days again and again.

Actually I was away from home for this Chinese New Year.
So I can't really use my blogs.. And I don't have any smartphones so..
Abandoning blog again!

This Chinese New Year:
I went to Sungai Petani, in Kedah, to attend one of my cousin's wedding.
Usually, I don't mind going to any weddings, but, its different when Im going to any of my
FRIEND's or COUSIN's wedding.

This entry have nothing to do with this books

Its not jealously, seriously,
First of all I think because they are almost the same age as I am.
so myself are also affected by that, I will received some question from my uncle or aunt or someone that trying to start making jokes about "WHEN IS MY TURN?"
I mean come on la, Makcik Pakcik, I belajar pun belum habis lagi tau, kerja pun belum tau boleh dapat atau tak loh..

Yeah thats the reason why I hate to attend any of my friends or cousins wedding..
If it wasn't for the Foods and Silaturrahim, I wouldn't be there I think.. nauzubillah :P

On this holiday, I got to talk to my brothers about my problems.
During my immatured years I actually made a girlfriends or people says Cinta Monyet.
Cinta Monyet is a love that people think they will last but they wouldn't somehow.
Somedays they'll get too bored and then will abandon the LOVE.

I think every teenagers out there are curious to try a relationship cause they thought they are good enough to get one, or two, or more than that maybe?

I didn't have cellphones when I was in my highschool,
which is the downside if im trying to have a couples in the school of love.
The only rule you need is.. must atleast have a cellphones or any gadget
that makes you reachable by others.
When I say gadgets, love letters is way too old for that.
And sadly, internet those days are only affordable by wealthy people.

So when Im out of school,
I got a phones as the present my parents gave me for my birthday.
At that time I start to explore the girls out there to fill my days,
which is very embarassing trying to remind how desperate I am those days =.=!

Okay back to my problem..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Day A page

As Salam,

I try to make myself atleast once a day, to type a page on my blog (an entry).
For somehow that didn't really worked out.
Im not really good at disciplining myself,
furthermore now that Im playing an online games, Eden Eternal.
Which makes me stay even further from my blog.

So, I didn't really know what should I do to make I love my blog more :(
Maybe cause I doesnt have any follower in my blog.
Im pretty envy with some of the blogger that have very huge fans who will read all the entry that they posted.

If Im one of them,
I don't think I can make those kind of entries.
I mean one entry each day? duh..
Thats so hard right?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Stay Stay Stay

As Salam,

Aku memang meminati music dari Taylor Swift dari lagu dia yang awal lagi.
Waktu tu aku terdengar lagu Love Story di dalam radio,
dan aku cuba ingat lyrics dia sebab nak search kt youtube.

Then terkeluar perempuan blonde yang cantik, Taylor Swift.
Selepas episod tersebut mulalah aku mengenali lagu-lagunya yang lama
seperti Our songs, Teardrops in my guitar dan Picture to burn
dalam Albumnya yang lama.

Kemudian aku dengar lagu-lagu dalam Album Fearless dia,
waktu tu baru sahaja keluar album tu.
Walaupun aku tiada duit untuk membeli CDnya
namun aku tetap ada lagunya dalam Komputer waktu tu.
Macam mana aku dapat tu wAllahualam.

Lepas tu Taylor Swift mengeluarkan album Speaks Now.
Lagilah bertambah aku jatuh cinta dengan dia,
sebab semuanya lagu dia dalam album ni sangatlah menarik.
Genius betul dia ni, subhanAllah :)

Dan tahun ni aku terlambat up2date tentang Taylor,
aku baru sahaja lepas letak Taylor Swift New Song 2012 di youtube.
Dan terkeluar maklumat tentang album barunya, Red.

Taylor Swift Album Red, 2012
Tak semua aku minat tapi mostly lah juga,
mungkin lepas ni kalau dengar beberapa kali boleh la kot.
Antaranya State of Grace, Red, We are never getting back together, holy ground,
Stay stay stay, Starlight, I knew you were in trouble dan Girl at home.
Cubalah youtube sendiri mana tahu korang pun minat juga.
Aku berminat juga rambut Taylor Swift yang baru ni,
lepas aku lihat video terbarunya We Are Never Getting back together.

Music video utk We Are Never Getting back together

Kawaii kan? :D
Semoga dia akan terus mencipta lagu yang menarik lagi,
I loooiiivveee u Taylor, tehee.. :P

Friday, 1 February 2013

Radio's responds

As Salam,

This afternoon, as I was driving back from Selayang.
I got stucked in the traffic jam near the Batu Caves.
It was about time for the Friday prayers but I was still not getting any closer to the mosque.

I did understand that they were celebrating Thaipusam last times.
But that was few days ago, I think they are still having something else to do there.
I saw a lot of stalls been opened there and lot more people are crossing the road.
Which makes me pretty mad.
They should've atleast respect us cause we have Friday prayers going on.

Disturbing the people who have absolutely no buisness in there but still get the troubles,
u get what I mean?

Yes, I was absolutely complaining,
Even looking at the big gold statue infront of the Batu Caves getting my nerves.
I was like how can they alloweed to build something like that?
Isn't Islam is the main religion in Malaysia?

As soon as we passed the traffic Jam, the road become so peacefully usable.
And I wasn't finished on being mad
suddenly inside the Friday's Khutbah that is been played in Ikim.FM
they told us that we should respect each others religion.
Islam never told us to talk bad about others religion, cause if we does.
At the end, people will lost respect of ours and did as same as we do.

MahsyaAllah, did u see how Allah let the Radio to answer my problem :)
Sorry about being irrational, hinduism.