Monday, 11 February 2013

I don't hate wedding :(

As Salam,

Yesterday I post entry about went to my cousin's wedding in Sungai Petani.
Today I have another cousin's wedding in Pekan, Pahang to attend.
Atleast that's what I thought but I overslept.
Since I slept a bit late doing some cleaning.

I really wanted to go to the wedding,
but I think its the Syaitan who moves my mouth to say NO
when my brother's ask me this morning do I want to go or not?

Now that I woke up the only things that I can feel is regret.
My house is way further for me to drive alone there.

and do you know why do I felt regret?
Didn't I told you that I hate going to wedding on last entry?
Don't take it the wrong way..
I hate studying but I still need to do it anyway, get it?

Oh yes and Im gonna missed the chances to meet some of my cousins.
Not that Im talkative enough to have very excited conversation waitingthere ,
it just when it comes to meeting good-old-cousins,
it makes you feel nostalgic.
Remembering how we grew up so fast :)

Also, not that I believe in Karma.
But I know going to any of my relatives wedding now,
will one day give advantages to me.
Like, when im the one to get married, those people should come to mine right?

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