Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Free Tuxedo

As Salam,

Do you believe If I told you I met One Direction last night?
Yeah of course it sounds so unbelievable but trust me you'll know later.

For some reason my school actually made One Direction performs
on our school hall.
Weird things about that is
not everyone, including the teachers
went down to the School Hall to see the live performance.
They still with their studying, teaching and their own world.
Come on, you can give study a break right?

So, I went to see the One Direction performing,
Actually Im not a huge fan of them, as much as girls out there.
It is just their songs is good, and I like boys band.
Don't take it the wrong way, I grew up listen to boys band.
Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Raihan and more.

When they are done performing it's time for Photoshooting with the fans.
That is just my favourite part because
you know how I can brag to my friends If I actually caught a picture
with an actual Stars, without have to photoshop it.

Suprising thing is,
all the girls are queing while I saw a huge path
that leads right through One Direction's member.
So, I went to them and ask someone to help taking pictures.
Sadly, then their manager or whoever
called them said they need to change to tuxedo.
They all ran to backstage, followed by me.

The members received a White Tux each
to wear for the photoshoot with fans.
And I also got a white tux since they mistoken me as one of the members.

So I quickly went down to stage and go to toilet to get changed.
Wow Imagine not just a photo of me with One Direction,
but I got same cloths with them on my photo later.

This is how I look in white tux.. lol

It was my first time wearing Tuxedo so it took me awhile to wear it.
When Im done, I went out and the hall actually already empty.
I wonder if everyone already at somewhere to catch photo with One Direction.

Suddenly, someone saw me in white tux and said,
"Dude your late, One Direction already left.."
I was dissapointed, but I still remember Im wearing the white tux.
Does this means I got a free tuxedo? Yay ME!

So I went back to my classroom, everyone looks at me.
Im wearing White Tux!
I brag to my classmates and they all are amusing by my funny moments.
On and on, I suddenly woke up.
First thing I check is my cloths..

Damn, It was the last night pjs and still remains the same T.T
I want my free white tux back..

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