Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mentos 3D

As Salam,

Yesterday when we went to grocery shoppings,
I couldn't help myself from taking a new fancy chewing gum
made by mentos.

I like mentos, also I tried to avoid it from taking mentos
with coke =.=
I don't want my stomach to burst with gasses xD

Fruit Fresh Flavour,
it contains 3 layer, Blackberry,
Kiwi and Strawberry..
It sounds yummy right? :9

I bought the purple box of mentos 3D,
cause I feel like this one looks tastier than the rest.

It was packed up fine with, and they had only like 7 pieces.
But somehow I got problem to take it out a piece.
Its like they sticking it with UHU glue or whatever =.="
Which makes me have to pressed the rest of the chewing gum to take one.

And also its stickier than others chewing gum,
Idk how many hours did I put the package it inside my pocket,
Im having a hard time to take off the gum from the cover.
Cause its all sticky with the kiwi flavour, good things it smells really nice.

The gum taste pretty much well,
but my mom says its kinda bitter.. 
Im not sure something might be wrong with my taste buds.
Or I guess those aren't really a good combination of fruits..
I mean Blackberry + Kiwi + Strawberry =  Sour + bitter

The gums also getting narrowed as much when you chew it,
which makes me want to just swallow it up.
The points of eating chewing gums is that you able to chew it up,
you might looks cool when your mouth keep on chewing xD
But this chewing gum, duh..
The taste is still remains but you might just want to swallow it 
cause they are getting smaller and smaller.

There are others flavour of them,
I don't think I would bother to try
but Im looking forward to see more review from this :D

Overall, I would give them like 1 star for the gums.
I rather buy bubble Gum instead xD

Like this one, Bubble Yum.
But you might getting ache to chew them all

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Osozaki no Himawari

(Continued from yesterday's post)

There is one more things
I like from the Linda Linda Linda,
which is the guitarist, Kei (Kashii Yu).

She plays as guitarist in Linda Linda Linda,
she is a bit of temper character but cool.

 I had a feeling that I've seen her on differents movie before,
so I googled her and found out that she is also
in my favourite Jdrama called My Boss My Hero
She play the role of a teacher in My Boss My hero,
Sakaki Makio called her Tekkamen (Iron face)
because of her personality in the movie.

She can play as a teacher or student just perfectly, which is why I like her :D
So as a fan, of course I would like to see more of her acting.
I found out another Jdrama called Osozaki no Himawari,
it means Late Bloom of Sunflower in Japanese.
Osozaki no Himawari, starting Ikuta Toma from Hana Kimi.
I think he is quite famous actor, seen him in a few movies before.
4.5 Star!

This movie is about someone from Tokyo,
moving out to a village in Japan to work as a helper.
That village have lack of young man and have a lot of senior citizen.
Because all the young generation rather move to the town
to have better jobs than working at their own village.

Which is true, nowaday all the young generation,
rather work in the town than work at their own villages xD
So I found out it's interested how things work out for him..
I recomended you to check out the drama yourself! :D

Yes, someone like this waiting for you in the drama xD
Kashii Yu <3

Their opening songs, kakko yokatta ;D

Monday, 25 March 2013

Linda Linda Linda

As Salam,

Do you guys know Base Ball Bear?
Well, maybe, if you like jpop or anime.
Cause their songs are played as one of the animes soundtrack.
Im not sure which one is it, but if you search on youtube you might know xD

This is Baseball Bear.
From left is the guitarist, bass, vocalist and guitarist, drummer.

I like Base Ball Bear, but it have been awhile since I listen to them,
what I like the most about this band is Shiori sekine <3
And their musics of course! :P

I used to have all their good songs in my MP3 before,
now that I broke mine so I no longer listen to them, which is sadly,
yesterday I started to listen back to them
which is why I felt in love back with Shiori Chan @.@

This is Shiori Chan, with the drummer of BaseBall Bear

 Aww, she's so cute in this! xD
I read somewhere it says Shiori also been actor in a movie.
It's called Linda Linda Linda.
As a stalker I went to jdrama websites to see that movie..

 Linda Linda Linda movie, its about school girl that
want to perform in their school's day festival.
And Shiori is the one on the left, she play as the bass.
Some people would say this is like a K-On movie.
But I rather say not, it's not exactly like K-ON except that they all girls.

Its about a band that want to find a new vocalist after they had
an arguement with old members.

And they found Son(Bae Doona), she is a foreign students,
which is from Japan.. that makes it more interesting.
There is a lot of funny moment in the video,
like this one..

A part where Son trying to ask
Kei's ex boyfriend.
There are a lot more kawaii scene which is why you need to watch it yourself!
Oh and guess what?
I found a link to watch it on youtube as well~
So here it is only 2 part and isn't that long :D
A scene where they sing Linda Linda Linda,
from Blue Hearts, a punk rock Japanese Band.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something from the movie
Actually there is one more things..
(To be continued)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

2 in 1 What?

As Salam,

I just got back home from 2 trips, 2 of my cousin's weddings.
We aren't getting any younger.
One by one of my cousins have started a family.
Im not sure when is my turn, but Im quite sure its gonna be way further..

Im pretty tired on this trips, cause I was a co-pilot of the car,
which I can't drive sadly so I just sleep all the way, besides the main pilot lol..
but still, sleep a lot really makes us tired you know?

Overall the trips is fine, well actually one of them are just engaged
not having their wedding yet.
So Im pretty sure we are going there again to her real wedding soon :/
Congratulation though!

Our Country's General Election is around the corner actually,
so the conversation of politics is all over the place including my car.
My parents like to talks about the politics, nevertheless,
I also enjoy those kind of topics.

Some people think its lame to talks about politics,
but some people doesn't know that
it's also lame to not to talk about it :P

Gladly, all of my mother's siblings except one of her brothers,
they are all in the same pace. So no hot arguing with each others..
Which make it more fun to discuss about the politics of the opposite party.

Friday, 22 March 2013

All Killer No Filler

As Salam,

Actually I already read a book related to the murderer of Altantuya,
which is among the cruelest I've ever known.
Im not really interested to write about politics in my blog, but I feel like I should atleast express what I felt about this murderer.

Altantuya, she was still pregnant
when she was murdered

Altantuya Shaariibuu is a mongolian girl that works as a translator for buisness among the country, some Malaysian newspaper wrote that she works as a model too but her mom denied cause she never been a model.

Our Prime Minister (Formal Minister of Defence) and Malaysian bought 3 submarines from the French, and Altantuya accompanied Malaysian as the translator for negotiations. After that, Altantuya was promised commision by the Malaysian who involved in the scene.

I exactly doesn't have much idea cause they said in the books Altantuya had some affairs with  one of the 'Malaysian guy' that works in the government.

Back then at 2009, Altantuya came to Malaysia to received what is promised to her. A lot of incident happens after that, all I know is the Malaysia unwilling to pay her and maybe she trying to treaten them or what that they actually killed her.

Well not just that they killed her, they also exploded the corpse using the C-4 explosion, which I only encountered that in the shooting games.. I never thought they would use one in real for that kind of purpose.

This issue are once so big but somehow the Government of Malaysia could close it slowly and slowly.. cause yeah, they have the what-so-called-power-and-money?

I mean, seriously?
Where is the justice? even the Law can't do anything about it?
Right now, only some people trying to fight for the justice while some are already forgetten about the incident and they accused those who still trying to seek for the truth, to buck off..

I hope someday Allah will show them the truth, inshaa Allah.
To those cruel animal, some people believe in Karma, 
what goes around comes around.. 
But as in my religion, we believed in the Judgement day. 
Even how good are you trying to run away from the crime 
Allah will still pay for what you did.

To those who interested about the cases, you can read some in the Wikipedia (click it)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

SPM : Spoiling Pupils Moments

As Salam,

Well today is a good day, for some pupils
that took the final exam of Highschool last year.
Which is SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), the certificate as a proof you are no longer a highschool students, or I called it as your souvenir of leaving the schools.

During my times, I had a stomache waiting for my results..
Which is weird because back then I used to be excited whenver Im going to received a result..
Don't get me wrong idea, Im not a really smart guy..

Im just a hard-working student, in fact,
what do you expect from someone that live in a hostel..
With so tight schedule and horrifying seniors and scary wardens
that always watching you right?

Thats why Im pretty excited when it comes to receiving any examination result back then,
Because I know I would get a good one :P
different cases with the SPM..
that one makes me lost my apetite in a few days before they giving the results.

But now, in University, waiting for the results is like something I wish it wouldn't exist..
cause I don't really need to know my result,
why? they was freakingly bad of course >_<

To all the candidates that's going to take the result,
 I wish you guys the best..

Nevertheless, the result doesn't really means its the end of your life.
There are still way further before they can be something you can really count on to live :)

So make a good choice on whatever path you going through!
Don't be like me T_T

The animation Weekly

As Salam,

This week I got a new addiction,
eh what? No I didn't smoke or take drugs okay xD
I addict on watching movies..
Like last night I watched the same movie like twice..

Not just a movie, it is a very good animation movies.
Usually I won't get really attracted to any movies, but different cases with animation Movies.
I always loves 3D..

Luckly, there is quite a lot of 3D movie when I was born,
my mom told me when she was a kids there isn't anything good like this on TV..
She doesn't even own TV back then, sadly.

So I happen to watch a lot of 3D animation movies since I was young.
Like Toys Story (from the first till 3 I still love them) , Monster Inc, stuart Little and more.

So back to my Animation marathon, I watched quite a few movies, let me show you:

1. Wreck-it Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph starting Ralph.
5 Star!
This movie is actually brilliant, I never thought of anything
like the backstage of an Arcade Games.
So this movie was made based on a games called Wreck-It Ralph..
(I have no idea if that games really exist?)
Ralph is a bad character in that games cause all he did is only Wrecking stuff,
but inside, he don't want to be treated as a bad guy,
he is jealous with Fix-it Felix (which his job is fixing stuff that wrecked by Ralph)
because Felix got a lot of attention from the others.
Which make him one day did unbelievable things trying to win the heart of the others.
What did he did? You guys can check out the movie yourself :P
Vanellope von schweetz, a reason why I like this movies! xD
she is an adorable girl inside this movies.
She is from another games called Sugar Rush and met with Ralph,
she shares the same dream with Ralph, the attention from others.
2. Rise of the Guardian
Rise of the Guardians starting Jack Frost.
4 Star!
Everybody believe in Santa Claus, in Easter Bunny, in Tooth fairy,
but do they know about Jack Frost?
No, they don't..
So Jack Frost is just wandering around disturbing others just so they can feel his existance,
but nobody did..
Which is one day The Moon choose him to be one of the Guardians,
along with Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and others.
They are against the Boogeyman the Nightmare,
someone that actually needs what Jack Frost need.
Jack Frost, have the power to frost stuff
and also makes people happy when he throw snowball on them.
3. Brave
Brave starting Merida.
3 Star!
This movie is likely a life of a teenager that wanted freedom,
Merida is a princess that likes to play with her bow.
But her mother disagree with her lifestyle and force her to be
more like herself..
Which is why, one day, Merida made a mistake when she ....
(spoiler alert!)
I think parents that make this film wants
their teenagers learn something from this..
Good movies though~
4. How to train your Dragon
How to Train your Dragon Starring Hiccup & toothless
5 Star!
Hiccup is a loser viking, he doesn't have what it takes
to be a viking which hunt down the Dragon..
While his father is a hero of Viking so Hiccup is like a digrace to him,
but one day he shoot a Night Fury, a powerful dragon that is so fast no one ever saw his real body.
with his lously-self-build cannon..
But sadly the villagers doesn't believed him
so he went to see it himself,
and he actually changed after he met the dragon.
You want to know why? go watch it! xD
This adorable dragon is the reason why I watch this movie again,
he is called Toothless because he doesnt have teeth,
well he actually does it's just he always hides it..
5. Madagascar 3
6. Ice Age 4
And many more.. Im sorry too tired to type the review already T.T
P/s: You guys can stream it freely in here, it just took awhile but totaly worth it ^_^
1channel (I prefer loading it on filenuke)