Friday, 22 March 2013

All Killer No Filler

As Salam,

Actually I already read a book related to the murderer of Altantuya,
which is among the cruelest I've ever known.
Im not really interested to write about politics in my blog, but I feel like I should atleast express what I felt about this murderer.

Altantuya, she was still pregnant
when she was murdered

Altantuya Shaariibuu is a mongolian girl that works as a translator for buisness among the country, some Malaysian newspaper wrote that she works as a model too but her mom denied cause she never been a model.

Our Prime Minister (Formal Minister of Defence) and Malaysian bought 3 submarines from the French, and Altantuya accompanied Malaysian as the translator for negotiations. After that, Altantuya was promised commision by the Malaysian who involved in the scene.

I exactly doesn't have much idea cause they said in the books Altantuya had some affairs with  one of the 'Malaysian guy' that works in the government.

Back then at 2009, Altantuya came to Malaysia to received what is promised to her. A lot of incident happens after that, all I know is the Malaysia unwilling to pay her and maybe she trying to treaten them or what that they actually killed her.

Well not just that they killed her, they also exploded the corpse using the C-4 explosion, which I only encountered that in the shooting games.. I never thought they would use one in real for that kind of purpose.

This issue are once so big but somehow the Government of Malaysia could close it slowly and slowly.. cause yeah, they have the what-so-called-power-and-money?

I mean, seriously?
Where is the justice? even the Law can't do anything about it?
Right now, only some people trying to fight for the justice while some are already forgetten about the incident and they accused those who still trying to seek for the truth, to buck off..

I hope someday Allah will show them the truth, inshaa Allah.
To those cruel animal, some people believe in Karma, 
what goes around comes around.. 
But as in my religion, we believed in the Judgement day. 
Even how good are you trying to run away from the crime 
Allah will still pay for what you did.

To those who interested about the cases, you can read some in the Wikipedia (click it)

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