Sunday, 24 March 2013

2 in 1 What?

As Salam,

I just got back home from 2 trips, 2 of my cousin's weddings.
We aren't getting any younger.
One by one of my cousins have started a family.
Im not sure when is my turn, but Im quite sure its gonna be way further..

Im pretty tired on this trips, cause I was a co-pilot of the car,
which I can't drive sadly so I just sleep all the way, besides the main pilot lol..
but still, sleep a lot really makes us tired you know?

Overall the trips is fine, well actually one of them are just engaged
not having their wedding yet.
So Im pretty sure we are going there again to her real wedding soon :/
Congratulation though!

Our Country's General Election is around the corner actually,
so the conversation of politics is all over the place including my car.
My parents like to talks about the politics, nevertheless,
I also enjoy those kind of topics.

Some people think its lame to talks about politics,
but some people doesn't know that
it's also lame to not to talk about it :P

Gladly, all of my mother's siblings except one of her brothers,
they are all in the same pace. So no hot arguing with each others..
Which make it more fun to discuss about the politics of the opposite party.

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