Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Segmen Kenalkan Diri - CIK i l y

As Salam,

Today Im joining a segment from CIK Ily,
I was tagged by one of active blogger, Nurul 'Aiziz.
She always drops by a lot of comment in my blog.
So as appreciation, I would like to do the same for her's.
And as well, this is my entry for the contest.

What a cute banner from the Hoster.

1. Real name: Condoriano Ano, they seems real to me.
2. Nickname: Condoriano.
3. Starsign and Age: Aries and cough..cough still young.
4. Male or Female: Male.
5. Facebook: No
6. Website: www.123piece.blogspot.com
7. Twitter: No
8. Other: I have my game ID if that's okay.
9. Hair color: Black
10. Long or short: Short
11. Loud or Quiet: Quiet and Mysterious.
12. Sweats or Jeans: Sweat pants indoor, Jeans for outdoor.
13. Phone or camera: A Smart Phone is what I always wanted.
14. Health Freak: No.
15. Drink or smoke: No.
16. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes.
17. Eat or drink: Drink.
18. Piercings: No.
19. Tattoos: No.

Have You Ever Been in a relationship: Yes.
Quarrel with someone u like: Yes.
Been in a car accident: No, Alhamdulillah.
Been in a fist fight: No.
First Piercing: No.
Best Friend(s): No.
Award(s): No.
CrushSomeone  Yes.
Vacation: Yes.
Last Person you talked to: My cat, a person to me.
Person you texted to: No.
Person(s) you watched movie with: My cat and i forced them to.
Food you ate: KFC Zinger Burger
Drink you drank: Coke.
Movie you watched: Just lately, One Piece Z Film.
Song listened to: Supercell - Sayonara Memories

Thing(s) you bought: We had steamboat at home yesterday, So I bought the ingredients.
Person you hugged: My mom.
Favourite Food: Nasi Goreng Kampung
Drinks: Coke.
Have you ever Kissed in the snow: No.
Celebrated Halloween: No.
Had your heart broken: No, but Im the one who broke someone's heart.
Went over the limits on your cell phone: No.
Came out of the closet: What am I from Narnia? 
Gotten pregnant: No.
Had an abortion: No.

Done something you've regretted: Yes.
Broke a promise: Yes.
Hide a secret: No.
Pretended to be happy: Yes.
Met someone who changed your life: Yes.
Pretended to be sick: Yes.
Left the country: No.
Tried something you normally wouldn't try: Yes.
Cried over the silliest thing: No.
Ran a mile: No.
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Yes.
Stay single the whole year: Yes.
Currently Eating: Nasi kukus ayam dara
Drinking: Cold water
Listening to: A songs
Waiting for: No.

Your future

Want kids: Yes
Want to get married: Yes.
Careers in mind: Engineer.

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: eye
Shorter or taller: Shorter are cuter
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arm: Nice stomach?
Sensitive or loud: sensitive
Single or relationship: single
Noisy or quiet: quiet

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: No
Ran aways from home: No
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: No.
Broke someone's heart: Yes
Been arrested: No
Cried when you lost someone: No

Do you believe in

Yourself: Yes.
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: Yes.
Heaven: Yes 
Santa Claus: No
Things last forever: No

Is there one person you want to be with right now: No
Is there a person you make a promise with now: No
Is there a person that you can't forget now: Yes
Is there something you really want to do now: No
Is there something you really wish to have it now: Yes
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: Yes, please follow my blog x)

Is it me or this feels like im in the middle of interrogation.
Anyway, I hope you guys would know me better from this introduction.

I want to tag everyone that would like to join this segment.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


As Salam,

Yesterday I couldn't came online,
because im too lazy, okay that's too honest.
No actually something happens to my connection.
Our house is having some renovation at the moment.
Not much of a renovation though,
just some work of fixing the toilet for a better tomorrow lol.

So with no internet I actually been trying to
explore more about Paint Tool SAI.
I should tell about it later, first thing first.

I was excited and actually worried if I couldn't get
a screen shot my 123 follower.
Good thing I caught it on the right time.

Yes, my beloved 123 xD

I know it's only a small number,
if compared to a certain blogger but I felt much better 
than blogging to only myself like I used to before.
Thanks a lot to everyone that drops by, to read my blog.
May Allah bless you all, inshaa Allah. 
Hopefully one day I could reach more follower x)

Why did I choose 123 by the way?
Cause I think 123 is a cool number, you know why?

  • 123 is the most common password for the first 3 letter, for example mine 123**tuut.
  • 123 is the first thing you would say if you had a mic, "Testing 123"
  • Many movie that I like have atleast 3 series, Toy Story 1,2,3, Spiderman 1,2,3.
  • Is the name of a Radioactive Isotopes, Iodine 123
  • In a common sports race such as F1, marathon, swimming, there is only places for 123.
  • Besides ABC, 123 is also what children books always have on title.
  • When people catching photo, if they didn't say 1,2,Smile they would count 123 and click!
  • Name of Album that I like, Billy Talent 1,2,3, Green Day Uno,Dos,Tre(it Means 123)
What else I can put in 123? 
Oh I know, the most important is..
My Blog have 123 on it. 123Piece !

Of course I only made up those facts.


Friday, 19 April 2013

One Piece Z Film

As Salam,

Yesterday when I was checking the latest update
of the One Piece Manga in Animefreak.tv
They suprised me with the new One Piece Movie,
that already available to watch
Their new movie is called One Piece Z Film.

It was actually begin airing at about past 4 months ago,
I remember I also make an entry to say I better watch this,
but sadly I couldn't find the movie anywhere so I gave up.
The movie was first released in Japan,
but I don't know why does it took that long for them to be translated,
yet, to be watched by all One Piece fan across the world.

Unfortunately, I don't think the movie
will ever be released in the Malaysian Cinema.
Cause they aren't really anime friendly duhh >.<
Maybe only their CD and DVD will come in here soon.
Which is why, I have no choice then just to watch it online.
(Do you see my great excuses?)

 It actually took them 15 years,
for Eiichiro Oda to finally give them some Pirates outfit.

This movie is actually pretty special than the rest of movie before
because they have the new looks of Luffy and their Crew,
as it was incident after they had reach the New World, in anime and manga.
So, if you guys are curious how they looks like,
and what is their new skills
you should check out the movie.

Z film, is actually taken from the main character in this movie,
although he plays a bad role in this.
urm actually I don't know if im appropriate to say that,
because in One Piece its actually pretty obscure about
which side is the good or bad one.
In reality, pirates is the evil while Marine is the hero.
But in One Piece there are scene where
it work reversly, and sometimes otherwise.
So the audience themselves to choose
which is the good or bad side.

One Piece Z Trailer, in Japanese sorry could find any subs one.
What's else good in this movie, is Avril Lavigne singing for the movie.
their songs is ♫Bad Reputation♫ and ♫How your reminds me♫
It's on the trailer.

Z is a Formal Admiral of Marine.
But he left for a reason, he dislike how the Marine works
so he formed his own millitary to destroy all the pirates.
In this film, he is going for a bigger plan to destroy
all the Pirates.
Luffy and the gang, caught in the scene by accident,
along with Marine who wants to stop Z plan from working.

I hope that won't really spoiled anything.

I can't help it but trying to make a doodle of the whole group.
However it's too tiring for me so I just ended up 
making only 2 of them, Luffy and Sanji.
Maybe someday I'll finish all of them.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boston Marathon Explosion : Please Don't be a Muslim

As Salam,

Lately, i read about the explosion
that happens in the Boston, United States of America.
So, what exactly happens in there was
the explosion of twin bomb at 2 different location
near the marathon track that killed 3 person
and injured many of the audience.
There is a live video on youtube that show exactly how the bombs explodes.
Since the camera was suppost to caught the
contestant of marathon that is about reach the finishing line.

Im feeling sorry and sympathise to the victims,
and people that lost their families there.
I also curious and been trying to catch up with the news
to see the latest update on the incident of Boston,
either they had already caught the
suspect that involved in the incident.

Unfortunately until today, the president of USA and the FBI,
state that they doesn't know yet who did it.
Though, there is a lot of assumption made by
the citizen of America.
Either it could be a conspiracy, Terrorist, and more.

Out of all assumption,
as usual what I didn't like to read, is always there,
how they assume it could be the work of Muslims.
Because of the 9/11 incident that happens on WTC.
Some Islamophobia been bashing muslims
throughout the internet,
which is even make me sad to keep on reading.

Some of them get the wrong idea from
the concept of Jihad as in Islam,
for them Jihad means it's okay to get rid of people that are infidels of Islam.
Which is totally wrong, and Islam never told us to kill
others people wisely because of different belief.

However, it never changed the facts
that Muslims has once been classified,
as terrorist for certain people,
so in this kind of cases also it's no suprised that they will got the blame.
That's what Muslims all across the world thought,
so, in a certain places with Muslim's citizen such as Libya,
people made signs with variety of messeges
such as "Thugs and killers don't represent Islam,"
"Sorry people of America, that is not a behaviour of our Islam."
and more of them to show the messege to the world,
that it's not Muslim that is responsible for the explosion.

In twitter, the words spread when people keep retweeting
the original tweet from a girl in Libya that says,
"Please, Don't be a Muslim".
As for what every muslim praying and wishing right now,
that this bombing incident isn't caused by a muslim.

And as for me,
I also pray this isn't caused by a muslim.
I hope they can find the right truth behind the incident,
Not just simply suspected us as the criminal.
I hope this is not a case to get a reason to keep killing us muslim
in palenstin or so, wAllahualam.
May Allah help us all, inshaa' Allah.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wordless Wednesday #1 : Girls n Guys

As Salam

Some people wish someone to love themselves for who they are.
But they don't really love someone for who they are.

Gwiyomi : A songs made only to be covered by Cutie.
Credit to Dilla

U 2 is Not his Favourite's band lol.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

As Salam,

Usually Im not really a big fan, when it comes
to reading a Thick Novel-kinda book.
Cause you know, I don't want to spend much time everyday
on reading something like that,
when you can only finished it in a few hours if
that novels was adapted into a film or movie.

My little brother bought this one,
and when I read it I found out it's really interesting.

But it's different with this one,
I really don't mind spending some times on reading it
because it feels like im reading a comic books.
So have you guys ever read this book before?
Diary of a Wimpy Kids, it comes out with a really thick book.
It's an english book and a suitable book for a children to read,
im sure it's still suitable for some teenagers or adult as well.

Well if you are curious what is the book written about,
Let me just put what the Jeff Kinney author of the books,
who had won the New York times the Bestseller and
Nickoldeon Kids Choice as the "Favourite books" awards, says
"I wanted to write a story about the funny parts of growing upand none of the serious parts. I was so not cool bro stuff happened alongthe way. So, I decided to write a book about what is was really liketo be a kid, or at least what it was like for me to be one, (laugh)"

This is the original version on Funbrain
you can read it online there but it's a bit differents from the
version of the published book.

This first series of the books was first published in 2007,
and in 2010 they had came out with a real life version film.
Until now there are lik 3 movie was made,
but I figured out trying to make all the books into film
is like impossible, or else they need to find a new actor,
who will stop from growing up xD

Diary of a Wimpy Kid on their second movie.

Out of all the movie, one that I like the most is Rodrick Rules.
Which is the second version, in the books and movie.
It tells story about Greg (the main character) and his brother,
Rodrick trying to get along.
Since they been always fighting a lot.
This movie have a very good endings, which is why I recomended it.

Trailer of the Rodrick Rules movie.

Greg and Rodrick on the scene of the movie.

Maybe some other times I'll tell you about the others 2.
But until then, go get the books or you could
watch the movie for free in the internet, in here.

This is my Wimpy version that I create
on their websites. you can also create your own
at here, Wimpy yourself

And this is what I paint me 
on the version of Diary of Wimpy Kid Teenager.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show


As Salam,

Do you guys familiar with the songs in my title?
If you used to be a fan of Cartoon Network like me,
im sure you've of heard it before.
It's a theme songs of a cartoon called Hi hi Puffy AmiYumi.
They are a cartoon inspired by an actual Jpop band.

Moreover, they are my first Jpop band that I like.
Since thats the only Jpop songs that I heard when I was small.
Of course I will still like them until now.
(Actually Im not that small when Teen Titans was around)
Their band is called Puffy before in Japan.
Puffy is a Pop Rock, Punk and Power Pop genre.

But when they came to America they had to change
their band name, to Puffy AmiYumi
because the name of Puffy itself, already been taken.
AmiYumi stands for each of their name,
Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura.

Yumi is the one on the left and Ami is on the right.

They also sing the theme song for CN's (Cartoon Network) Teen Titans.
That's when I first heard of their songs and I thought it's really good.
One that I still remember from that shows
is called Teen Titans Go and K2G.
Both are the theme songs if Im not mistaken.
You can search for it inside youtube.

Their old video when they sang the theme songs for Teen Titans.
I think its the best theme songs among
all the cartoon in CN during that time.

After that CN made an animated series,
of themselves called Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi.
That cartoon have a lot of cool music inside,
which is why I like to watch it.
The band became like a stars for Cartoon network,
They also said in one of their interview,
that they suprised to see that even young audience came to their concerts.
Well yeah, who doesn't like Teen Titans right?

I like Puffy Ami Yumi because they are
a bit differents from the other's Jpop band.
They have courage to go to America and
do their recording of new album there.
Eventhough their english isn't really good before.
Always have an interprater with them in interview.
Im not sure how are they now,
but they did produce a lot of good english songs,
along with japanese songs which are both amazing.

Such as True Asia, Call me what you like,
Urei, Planet Tokyo, Love so pure, Island,
Security Blanket, Hazumu rythms(feat Tokyo Ska band)
and my favourites your love is like a drug.

Security Blanket

Call me what you like

All Because of You.
Avril Lavigne wrote this songs for them.

Doodle of them singing Your love is a drug.
I actually paint them based on Hihi Puffy AmiYumi cartoon,
except with differents hair colour.
Blonde is Yumi and Brunette is Ami.
Eh? Which one do I like? mhmm let see ....

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Toy's Story II

(Previously on Toy's Story I)

I bought a toy from Toy Story character, Woody.
The one that looks like a cowboy.
Mine looks like the real Woody from the movie.
With the same height and can do whatever
the Woody in the movie can, except for moving by itself.

I put my Woody inside my room,
on my study desk, he came out with a stands.
Which just make it a perfect decoration on my desk.
I must say its really funny for a teenagers like me having a toy.
Even, my friend's asked me didn't I worried
what if the toys moving in the middle of the night?

I know he was only joking, but actually
I wouldn't mind if he is moving, atleast I have someone
to accompany me when Im overnight studying lol.
It's not like Im owning a Chucky to worry about right?

Chucky, he made few child becomes pedophobia.
(Afraid of dolls)

Long story short, there is one time
we all went balik kampung for the sem break.
I bring Woody along with me home.
Cause I wanted to show him to all my siblings.
Especially my youngest brother, he likes toys a lot.

What's weird is my Woody, which belongs to my study desk,
is placed on our Toys box with the rest of the toys.
When we have young visitors coming to our house,
they all seems to enjoy playing with Woody.
Eventhough, it makes me feel anxiety,
when I saw childs like 4-7 years old playing with him.
Some of them even wanted to bring it home too lol.

When it's time for me to go back to hostel,
I totally forgot about my Woody inside the Toy's box.
Im already back in hostel, when I realised that
my desk feel incomplete because it have no Woody on it.
So I just have to let it go, and keep convincing myself to
bring him back next time I went home.

Sadly, by the time I came back home after that.
My Woody already lost his head.
I was like how would this happens?
Even the string behind him doesn't work when I pulled it.
And his head remains unknown, only his cowboy hat and body is there.
Im really dissapointed with my little brothers,
But when I think about it, I can't really blame him.
Because I know 87% of the toys inside our Toys box are broken.
It's like our way to play with toys?

I don't know how did we play with toys when we was young,
And non of us are like Sid Phillips in the Toys Story,
who break his toys for his excitement.
My moms used to adviced us many times to play with toys nicely,
cause our toys keep broken one after another.
Or was it because that's how boys playing his toys.
I think Im gonna go with that,
boys are more fierce when it comes to having fun.

We don't have any sisters in our siblings,
but I have cousins that is girl,
when we went to her house we can see all of her toys.
is nicely organised, nothing is broken and they all were good.
My mom said that we should learn how care of toys like she did.
We were like duh, she doesn't have any cool toys.
All are barbie and some creepy dolls.

Hark back, it's weird if they are so good at taking care of toys,
Why did the girls are given soft toys and plushie in the first place?
They are unbreakable, no matter how
many times you throw it on the ground
If so, they should be given toys that can be break.
Since they can take good care of it
and we boys should play all the dolls. lol.

But again this pics explain 
why Boys shouldn't play with Girl's toys


This is just too hillarious, Woody x)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Gangster Media I

As Salam,

Lately I saw the news of the teenagers got caught,
after their bullying activities been exposed by video in Facebook.
It's really dissapointing me to see their bullying clips,
even Im able to watch a fighting movies,
but Im unable to stand a real fighting video.
Especially when it comes to our own people.

There was once a video of some teenagers
trying to robbed a Cybercafe by beating the guy on the cashier.
Unfortunately they were stupid enough,
to not think that the Cybercafe have CCTV.
Their video was exposed also in youtube.

That's what been caught by video,
imagine how many more bullying happens in our country?
Not only in high school, they are also happens a lot outside.
If you guys watch the Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 video,
you can see how the Police beat the guys there.
I can't imagine what it feels like to got hit by that Batons.

Why did you think this kind of things happen?
One that I can think the most,
is because of influenced by media.
Nowaday there's a lot of film that is about fighting.
Not just from outside, but also from inside our own country.

For examples, movie about students fighting
to become the lead of the school,
that movie is called Crows Zero.
It's a really cool movie, and the heroes that been fighting
others student makes them looks so much cooler.
A lot of fighting scene that makes people wants to immitate.
I think the cases that happens in SMK Tun Hussein Onn lately,
they also immitate this movie fighting.

This is like the Boy's favourites movie..
going to school to fight someone.

I rarely watching TV, because I don't really likes
much of the drama plot on the shows.
Mostly about love, divorce, married to a rich guy,
a failed married, or some show that desperately trying to make people laugh.
But this one is differents, Juvana.
I only watched the movie,
They have also Juvana series on every week
Some people mentioned that the series
is still about failed in marriage and love story.
So I don't bother to watch.

Back to Juvana the movie,
it is about teenagers that were sent to
a rehab centre for teenagers that committed crimes.
So among them all in there, there are some real 'gangster'.
Eventhough it have different moral value than Crows Zero,
but the show still not failed at influencing the youth
about a cool badass character that beat up the others,
Like a boss,  to be the leader of the sociaty in there.

Juvana the movie.

here is my conclusion what will happens to people if they
watch this kind of show in our media:

Love Story = Love Bug grew among the teenagers, causing more pregnancy without married

Divorced = Influencing married people to divorce, cause they see how simple divorce works.

Married to a rich Guy = Okay all put on your make up, we have a Dato here to mengorat..

Failed Marriage = The actress crying everyday on every episodes zzz

Stupid Jokes = Encourage people to become stupid with stupid their jokes.

Racing Film = More Mat Rempit in Jalan Raya.

Fun at Disco/ Drugs and Girls Film = People seems to found the enjoyment of those things.

Fighting Film = More incident like the video of the SMK Tun Hussein Onn's students

Okay not all of that is true,
but seriously besides that,
what kind of film exactly that they should put inside media?
Is it..

Good Spiritual Film = Does it make ourself become good?

Honestly, I don't really know,
But what I know is, If you can't afford
to abstain yourself from watching the shows that could influenced you,
better to not watch it.
Turn off your TV.

As a parent's its the best to guide your children on the right path.
In this case, don't just let the kids watch everything on the TV.
Even Ustaz Kazim said he took his Astro Card when he went out,
so that his child won't be seeing
something they weren't supposed to see.

Game where you can be the guy who is bullying.

My doodle of Takiya Genji, Crows Zero.
You guys can be more cooler than this guy,
without have to fist fight to prove it.
This isn't Samurai of Edo Period or Zaman Hang Tuah,
where people adore you strength.
So Please don't be a bully :)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Roserade and Me

As Salam,

Happy Fridays to all of you,
Today i want to show you one of my favourites Pokemon,
from the new season of Pokemon Best Wishes.
Actually Im not quite sure which seasons is this monster from,
but I once saw it on Best Wishes episodes.

His name is Roserade,
a pokemon that have character of a Rose.
I like his looks, looks like a gentleman wearing a cape.
There is also a scene where he is wearing a towel aroud his face,
that makes him looks like an adorable ninja.
Sadly I don't have any pics of that to show.

Some scene of Roserade on Pokemon anime series.

This is my Paint of Roserade and myself.
Does we looks alike? x)

Actually I also like Tsutarja, from the Pokemon Best Wishes.
She is one of the Pokemon that Ash need to choose at the beginning of
his journey, but Ash's Tsutarja was found on different scene.
Maybe next time I'll draw myself with her.

Do you guys have any Pokemon that you like?


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pitch Perfect

As Salam,

I would like to introduce you to one of the most
amazing and exciting movie for teenagers during 2012.
Actually I was just watched this movie a few days ago.
Might be kinda late for reviewing.
This movie have comedy, romance and musical genre.
The perfect one you would need in a movie.

This movie is called Pitch Perfect.
When I heard it for the first time, I thought it was
some sort of Baseball movie or what.
But I was wrong, in a good way.
It's way better than a baseball movies.

The movie is about competition between Acapella Clubs..
Do you guys know what is Acapella?
Try search in youtube I bet you would understand it.
Acapella is music that you make with mouth, without using any instrument.

Actually you would enjoy acapella better with a good speakers
or using headphones, because you don't want to miss the voice's bass.
As well as when you watching this movies.
Or else you wouldn't really enjoy the musics in it.
So I suggest you to do so, if you are watching it.

Why you should watch this movie?
Because they have a lot of good musics in it.
While the acapella makes the songs sound more awesome.
They also have a very interestingly good storylines.

A part of the movie where the Barden Bellas
are singing in their regional cup.
Im so in love with their voices <3
(sorry for the espanol subs)

Let me tell you a little about the movie.
Becca is a girl that have an interest to remix songs.
What she wanted is not just remix songs for her hobby,
but to make a living out of it.
When she enter university, her father asked her
to do something else besides staying at the room remixing songs,
like joining any club with might and main,
so she would have some memories of university life.

Her father made quid pro quo with her,
if she enjoy her university life he would send her to LA,
to further her carrier on music industry.
So she works hard to get the hang of University life.
That's where it got interesting.

Anna Kendrick plays the role of Beca.
If you guys watching Twilight you might familiar with this actress.
She is the friends of Bella in Twilight
so Bella and Becca, Almost the same kan? xD

Another video of Brilliant Beca auditioning scene in the movie.

This one is my doodle version of Beca.
She's my favourite character in this movie.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Bloody Accents

As Salam,

Do you guys know how many accents are altogether?
don't bother to count, cause im not sure
even if the google would have the answer.
Im too lazy to google it, but if you guys do
please let me know too x)

Okay let's not look about the accent of the whole languages.
Let just talk about Accent in English pronouncation.
Although there is also a big number of
english accent all around the world.
For examples American Accent itself contains many
region's accent such as New York, Texas Accent and so on.

Listening to different's accent is actually making
something sounds more interesting, don't you agree?
For examples, in Friends, Ross using the British Accent
for his lecture to make the students listen
and not getting bored with him.
As in The Big Bang Theory also, Leonard and Alex,
mentioned that British is the sexiest accent ever.

As for me I also like the British Accents.
Maybe they sounds a bit rare for me.
Not like the American Accents, which is already familiar.
Since most of the cartoon, movies, songs or dubbed anime
that I watched or listened, is using that accents.
Only some of them have few parts of British Accent in it.

I wish to learn the accents,
I know it's not as easy as it sounds..
Even if you could learn it, it might not sound that original.
But maybe if Im staying there for a few years
I would sounds good at it.

Let me share you about a funny video
of 22 Attempted Accents.
It's really funny and interesting. (the girl)

Another accents that I like to hear is Arabic Accents.
If you guys watch Quran Weekly,
you can hear a lot of Arabic speakers with their accents
intepratting Al-Quran in english.
I think because they are mixed with some Arabic languages
of Al-Quran words, which is why they sounds so beautiful.
It's a really good youtube channel by the way.

Another proof why an accent give me such a big impact,
Harry Potter movies that's using British Accent..
Now everytime I heard a British Accent 
I would think of Harry Potter.
I don't know why, it's not like they are 
the first english movie I ever watched before.

But not all new accents are good to hear. No offense though.
I like Japanese language but I don't like Japanese Accents in english,
or they call it Japanglish. (Japanese + English)
Because they would add any vowels at the end.
Since that's how some Japanese words work I guess.
Another one that I dislike is Korean Accent.
or what they call Konglish (Korean + English).
But anyway, they both are funny to hear.
Also I don't like Mexican accent D:

And among all Malaysian Accents are the best.
Because thats My bloody Accents that I hear and use everyday x)
I wonder if there is Malanglish for Malaysian + English

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mix-ma Superhero

As Salam,

Today when im watching the Justice League,
I was thinking what if I also can have a choices
of superpower that I wanted.
What kind of power do I want?

It's not easy to think of a new power.
You have any idea how many superhero exists in this world?
From Justice League to Avengers, X-Man and so on.
I bet all the power that I wanted are already been taken by them.
That's why I want to mix my superhero with the one already there.
So here I design what I want in my own superhero.

I want Batman's heads.
Batman is known as the most intellectual superhero.
He doesn't have super powers like the rest.
But with his intelligance he can be an epic superhero.
Also that can help me in my exams.

My eyes will be the eyes of Martian Manhunter 
or known as J'onn J'onzz.
He is the last survivor from the planet Mars.
He have many cool superpower, such as telepathy,
x-ray vision, invisibility and can read minds.
Who doesn't want his eyes right? lol

Of course I want a steel body, so what else should I get
other than this man of steel, Superman's body..
However, Im afraid I have to received the whole package of deal. 
I get the extra power from Superman,
but I also got the weakness of Superman which is Kyrptonite.

As for my logo, I want the Atom Smasher's logo.
Atom Smasher is a professor that have ability,
to shrink into a size of an Atom or as big as Statue of Liberty.
that would be pretty useful for me.
Except I won't use that power to study about chemical reaction.

The legs is of course the fastest man alive, The Flash.
With this legs I can join every marathon run and win.
Oh you won't know how much money I'd gain.

I want the ring of Green Lantern in my finger.
thats a pretty handy accessories.
Don't you agree? I can just sit in my room and 
use my ring's power to take a drink out of refrigerator.

Finally, for completing my superhero I need
the bracelet and Armor boots from Wonder Woman.
They can repel bullets.
Atleast Police can't arrest me if I have those.

Okay if you are curious how my Superhero would looks like.
I'll show you,

Pretty cool huh?
Im still trying to come up with a perfect name for him.
I first thought of Condoman, but that sounds so dirty =.=
while Condorianoman is like zzz lame.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Gadis Misteri 3 Tahun

As Salam,

Actually this is my second post for today,
I can't help but feeling too excited for this.
When im blogwalking through other's blogs.
I found out about this contest.
Who would say no to a drawing contest?

The owner of the contest is Gadis Misteri,
I guess she have many mystery inside her.
(Click the banner to visit her page)

Actually Im not sure If im qualified to enter it or not,
since it was my first time on her blog.
But I already followed her blog, hopefull
I'll be a loyal reader after this. Inshaa Allah.

To anyone that wants to join this contest,
all you need to do is try to draw that character.
with your own styles.
That is not Momoko Sakura from Chibi Maruko Chan.
That was the owner that hosting this contest.

From what I read that was when she's at 3 years old?
Woops Nope, It's her Blogs that is 3 years old.
Seriously that long? Awesome.
But on the pics im not sure how old is she during that time.

Anyway, I drew myself the chibi version of her.
So here is her drawing..

Made by using Mr Paint and a little help from Mrs Photoshop.
She's holding a bunny plushie, but its really small
hard to see it sorry..

Ame and Yuki

As Salam,

I want to share about a movie that I watched recently,
It's anime type of movie and called Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki.
Which is translated Ame and Yuki the Children of Wolf in english.
In japanese Ame means rain, while Yuki is Snow.
They both were born in rain and snow time,
which is why they were named like that.

This movie isn't really that amazing as in graphic,
but their works looks like Ghibli Studio films,
which have terrific story lines and cute character.
Ghibli Studio is the one that produce My Neighbour Totoro,
Howl's moving castle, Spirited away, Ponyo, and so on.
I'd do the review about those someday.

Let me tell you a bit about the story,
I hope I won't ruining your fun if you still haven't watched it.
It's about a girl name Hana met her man of destiny,
in her lectures at Tokyo University.
They started to see each other since then,
finally the man told the girl the secret that he is actually a wolf.
Well in this case it's pretty much different from Warewolf.

They were still together after that,
and they had 2 cute babies.
The oldest is a girl name Yuki, as she was born on the snowing day.
the other one is a boy name Ame,
and he was born on raining day.

Sadly, something happens to the man
which makes Hana have to raised both of the babies by herself.
It turns out the babies are also the offspring of half a wolf.
This is make it harder for Hana cause she is only
staying in a small apartment full of neighbours.
So Hana get scolded few times when
her child change to wolf form and howling at night.

Yuki running wild while her brother's watching.

After that, she have to move out to a better place.
What happens next? you can find out by watching them..
Its really an interesting movie with a lot of touching scene.

Overall I would give this movie a 3.5 Stars over 5.
Im not stingy, but this is how I judge xD
You can watch it online at 1Channel (click the link)
It have english subs on it.

I made Ame with half wolf version.
he is cuter than this one, trust me.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Toy's Story I

As Salam,

I wonder if it's normal for people at my age still concern about toys.
When I say toys, I didn't mean the soft plushie,
that even big girls still have it on their rooms.
And not as an Otaku as well, since they collecting
stuff like their favourite's anime toys.

As for me? Im not sure If I have
what it takes as an Otaku.
I do likes anime and cartoons, maybe I could say I am,
except that Im a poor Otaku cause I didn't
have much money to afford all those merchandise..
All I ever had was a figure of a Toy Story character.

Toy story is my favourite's movies among all.
I watch it when I was a kids, and Im still watching it now.
Maybe because they have my childhood memories in them.

Back then, I have a friends that have a room
with a few collection of Gundam figure.
You know, those expensive one, came from the big box.
I like to go to his rooms and watch his figure,
Im not really a big fan of Gundam actually,
and I never watched their anime.

I would also like to have one of those in my own room.
But not exactly Gundam, cause I don't want to be like him
he will get angry whenever someone trying to mess with his toys.
I don't blame him, cause you have no idea
how long did he manage to build one of those.

Coincidentally, Toy Story 3 is coming out around that time.
At shopping complex, they have many Toy Story's booth
that's selling their merchandise.
Among all the stuff, there is only one that I like the most
which is the Real size of the Toy Story character,
like those in the movies.
With their original packaging, it was really beautiful.
The Buzz Lightyear is in his speacial spaceship case.

I spend all my saving to purchased the Cowboy, Woody.
I desired to collect all of it, so that I can crete my own Toy Story.
Sadly, I don't have that much money.
One of the toys cost me around RM100 above.
Which is way unaffordable for me that time.

My Woody looks like this, the size is about 
the size of an arm and a bit taller than this.
He have a removable hat and a string behind,
which makes him talking when we pull it.

I put him inside my room, all of my friends
that came to my room, they all stops to play with him for awhile.
He was the best toy I ever had.
He was there when I came back from class,
and there when Im studying or doing my assignment.
So I got a friends in me,
as what they said in the Toy Story's theme songs lol.

Unfortunately, after that ...

(To be Continued)