Friday, 5 April 2013

Funny Luffy EP 704

As Salam,

Every week, Im waiting for the new chapter of One Piece manga.
I just read the latest one.
This week is about when Luffy tryng to get into the tournament,
he wants to win the Mera-Mera devil fruit,
which used to be his brother's power.

Luffy met a lot of new people,
the tournament's contestants.
As usual Oda always know how to make people laugh,
there is a few funny scene in the manga.
You can check the 704 episodes in here (click it)

Luffy trying to wear full armor for the tournament,
so that he will looks very manly xD

He is very funny in his innocent.


Ruza Hana said...

luffy, his determination to get something really inspired me. love his character, strong but still, innocent.and funny too! really entertaining watching his progress since he's alone until now, with his latest crew.

Condoriano said...

Yeah that's what makes any anime's hero are so admirable :)
that they'll never gave up..

Gadis Misteri said...

i see..
you're one piece's fan.
I hav to follow ur blog.

*nice header you have here ;)

Condoriano said...

Thank you.

cosbabyfive said...

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