Monday, 8 April 2013

Gadis Misteri 3 Tahun

As Salam,

Actually this is my second post for today,
I can't help but feeling too excited for this.
When im blogwalking through other's blogs.
I found out about this contest.
Who would say no to a drawing contest?

The owner of the contest is Gadis Misteri,
I guess she have many mystery inside her.
(Click the banner to visit her page)

Actually Im not sure If im qualified to enter it or not,
since it was my first time on her blog.
But I already followed her blog, hopefull
I'll be a loyal reader after this. Inshaa Allah.

To anyone that wants to join this contest,
all you need to do is try to draw that character.
with your own styles.
That is not Momoko Sakura from Chibi Maruko Chan.
That was the owner that hosting this contest.

From what I read that was when she's at 3 years old?
Woops Nope, It's her Blogs that is 3 years old.
Seriously that long? Awesome.
But on the pics im not sure how old is she during that time.

Anyway, I drew myself the chibi version of her.
So here is her drawing..

Made by using Mr Paint and a little help from Mrs Photoshop.
She's holding a bunny plushie, but its really small
hard to see it sorry..


aien hermionie said...


fiqah hamed said...

Memang chibi..cute..^^

Condoriano said...

Thanks a lot.

Gadis Misteri said...

i,ve heard few people said that my character looks like Chibi Maruko Chan. Haha..
thnks for joining.
I like your drawing :)

Condoriano said...

Most welcome.

deno said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog.. btw, i'm fllowing your blog! :)

p/s: ur doodle are so cute!

Condoriano said...

Thanks too.

keri ikhwan said...

Wow... cute

Condoriano said...

Thank you :)

MSaddiq said...

waahhh. style lah. guna paint je. respekk hihi ;D

Condoriano said...

Haha im only an amateur artist :/

Aida Ismail said...

I've tried to draw using paint tools but it turns out to be soooooooo ugly you knowhhhh~

Condoriano said...

Are you using the flexible line?
Maybe would be better if you have some sample about what you want to draw placed next to your paint.

Nana Liena said...

u got talent to be a artist.. :) nice job. :)

Condoriano said...

Aw thats flattering, thanks a lot :)

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

ting tong ting tong...salam wah rindunya tgu ur latest ye?owh love ur contest ni tgk ramai kwn blogger joined,mmg semua kreatif ^^

Gadis Misteri said...

Slm.. tolong beri semula nama dan alamat ke emel Atas sbb2 tertentu, email yg dulu da hilang. minta maaf :)