Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Addiction

As salam,

I must say recently I had much more free time,
now that I stopped playing Online Games.
Which I started in a few months ago.
When I think about it do people really spends that much time
to play a game?

Well, don't get me wrong it's not that I been playing
for 24 hours, hopefully not, it just I'm always at it
whenever Im at my free time.
Now Im starting to think how much time did I waste on that.

If there's is anyone to blame,
Others than the game's company, I would blame myself.
for my lack of Disciplines, It's not that my parents
didn't raise us with disciplines though.

I think my problem is my addiction,
which is the reason why some things aren't meant to be started.
In this case, bad things.
Thank goodness, I never had guts to take drugs or smoking.
Im lying If I say I never have any curiousity about them
when some of my friends are smoking, infront of me.

Just when it comes to cigarettes, I had enough motivation
from my brother that is smoking.
He didn't advice me, like hell he would lol.
It's just I've heard many times he told me that he is going to quit,
and yet, until now he is still smoking, cartons of them maybe.
Hopefull he will stop one day eventually, inshaa Allah.

Sometimes I think Im pretty volatile,
cause even how addicted I got, soon or later
 l'll got bored and stop,
or is it normal for everyone else as well?
(Except for drugs I never have intention to try I swear)

When I was in highschool Im addicted to Myspace.
I become Photogenic as I enjoy Photoshopping myself
and also put myself next to the Rockstars that I admired.
After I bored later, I started to become addictied to
Yahoo Messenger and mIRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Even my parents had to take me to see a counsellor,
for my problem, staying up late at night to chats.
When Facebook was introduced I also got addicted to that.
But not for too long since I started to make a Blog after that.
And get addicted to that as well.

I used to feel so empty when there is no internet access.

Some people would says its good that we are active on blogging,
Cause Blogging actually give much more advantages
than other things that I used to do.
Im not totally disagree, because it's kinda true.
Reading is a good habits and writing is way to improve
my skills on whatever it is..

However, when I reach many active followers,
It's really differents from my purpose of blogging.
Of course I like a lot of people reading my blogs.
But it just everyday I received a lot of respond
and I would spend almost an hour or more everyday,
just to read back other's blogs to comment them
as the quid pro quo for what they did to mine.

Somehow it's driving me crazy, when I didn't online for a day.
Reading other's blog on the next day are much more than I could handle
So I had to delete my blog to stop because
it's actually distracting my studies and my life.

When I become inactive I have to find something
I can use internet for, thats where I met Online Games.
There is a few games that I played,
I quit one by one after I got bored with each of them.
Until Now I haven't even bother to try another Online games.

Right now I only blogging for few minutes in a day,
maybe It's best to keep it this way.
Atleast I feel much lighter as if Im writing a diary.
(Though I never wrote anything that personal but duh.. its a Guy's diary)

Harking back, about my addiction,
I got everythings under control now, except one..
It seems that I still can't get ride of my addiction on
watching drama, anime and cartoon series in the Internet.
Believe me it's not that as funny as it sounds.
I watched One Piece since I was highschool and until today
Im still rewatching it @@

Appropriate songs for my entry, 
Nostalgic's Simple Plan with addicted.


Fadhilah Nur said...

im impressed that you always try to control your i am doing the same thing ma'an najah(semoga berjaya) to both!..insyaAllah

Condoriano said...

Ma'an Najah to you too.