Monday, 15 April 2013

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show


As Salam,

Do you guys familiar with the songs in my title?
If you used to be a fan of Cartoon Network like me,
im sure you've of heard it before.
It's a theme songs of a cartoon called Hi hi Puffy AmiYumi.
They are a cartoon inspired by an actual Jpop band.

Moreover, they are my first Jpop band that I like.
Since thats the only Jpop songs that I heard when I was small.
Of course I will still like them until now.
(Actually Im not that small when Teen Titans was around)
Their band is called Puffy before in Japan.
Puffy is a Pop Rock, Punk and Power Pop genre.

But when they came to America they had to change
their band name, to Puffy AmiYumi
because the name of Puffy itself, already been taken.
AmiYumi stands for each of their name,
Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura.

Yumi is the one on the left and Ami is on the right.

They also sing the theme song for CN's (Cartoon Network) Teen Titans.
That's when I first heard of their songs and I thought it's really good.
One that I still remember from that shows
is called Teen Titans Go and K2G.
Both are the theme songs if Im not mistaken.
You can search for it inside youtube.

Their old video when they sang the theme songs for Teen Titans.
I think its the best theme songs among
all the cartoon in CN during that time.

After that CN made an animated series,
of themselves called Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi.
That cartoon have a lot of cool music inside,
which is why I like to watch it.
The band became like a stars for Cartoon network,
They also said in one of their interview,
that they suprised to see that even young audience came to their concerts.
Well yeah, who doesn't like Teen Titans right?

I like Puffy Ami Yumi because they are
a bit differents from the other's Jpop band.
They have courage to go to America and
do their recording of new album there.
Eventhough their english isn't really good before.
Always have an interprater with them in interview.
Im not sure how are they now,
but they did produce a lot of good english songs,
along with japanese songs which are both amazing.

Such as True Asia, Call me what you like,
Urei, Planet Tokyo, Love so pure, Island,
Security Blanket, Hazumu rythms(feat Tokyo Ska band)
and my favourites your love is like a drug.

Security Blanket

Call me what you like

All Because of You.
Avril Lavigne wrote this songs for them.

Doodle of them singing Your love is a drug.
I actually paint them based on Hihi Puffy AmiYumi cartoon,
except with differents hair colour.
Blonde is Yumi and Brunette is Ami.
Eh? Which one do I like? mhmm let see ....


Nurul 'Aiziz said...

how old are you now may I ask??
coz kartoon2 ni was my fav when I was little, but skang ni kalo jumpe cartoon2 ni lyan jugak.. I love to watch Puffy AmiYumi Show and play Puffy AmiYUmi game in cartoon network side..

Leya DaReborn Momo said...

my fav cartoon when i was little. Btw, thanks for you comment on my blog. It works. Thanks a lot

zyma_senpai said...

tak sangka dorang nyanyi teen titan. comel ^_^

did u know anime K-on?
tapi sy x pasti dorang band apa or juz wujud dalam anime tu je. suare dorang pun comel mcm puffy ni

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

K-on yg tu pon best.. lagu dy best2 dlm tu ^_^

Myra Azraff said...

dulu suka tgk kartun ni kat CTWK :D

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

never know about this cartoon before...

Condoriano said...

Nurul, haha how old do you think I am then? xD
Oh I seen my brothers playing Teen Titans before on CN websites. I never really bother to try it x)

Leya, glad if it's worked.

Zyman, aah I like japanese voices. Their voice are so kawaii. I seen K-On but not really a big fan of them. Maybe cause I only watched them for awhile.Someday I'll watch all of them.

Condoriano said...

Nurul, give me suggestion what song is good in K-On so I can search for it :)

Myra, same.

Henrietta, aww really? x)
It's a good cartoon for kids.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

ummm don't say lazy if I'm not mistaken ^_^
ur age ummm 20 and above is it?

Condoriano said...

Yes around that! x)
and I'll give it a try later.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

older than me ??

Wahyu Alfiansyah said...

Hello there..?
Are you Malaysian? I'm Indonesian..
Done follback ^^

I Like this theme, one piece right? So many character of it..

I have some japan song, anime soundtrack.. I like it but not so so..

Condoriano said...

Nurul, Im not sure. How old are you?

Wahyu, yes Im Malaysian. Thanks for visiting. You meant the songs or my blog title? :D

Remy hazza said...

never watch this cartoon...... remy dah tua....he3

Condoriano said...

Haha Remy, saya pun dah tua ni.
Saje je nak berlagak muda x)

Nana Liena said...

ayak.. i never heard that song ever in my life..hehe.. i same like u too really enjoy watch cartoon than drama cause it can really realease tension..

Condoriano said...

So true, but lately not much funny cartoon to watch so I enjoy anime and drama x)

Wahyu Alfiansyah said...

I like both.. :D

Eh, your pic Park Shin Hye right??
I like watch some of K-Drama staring by her..

Cute, beauty, good singer and actor..
Not you but her :D
You are male right..? ^^

Faeytynn Zayn said...

are you fans of J-pop,konichiwa :D

Faeytynn Zayn said...

are you fans of J-pop,konichiwa :D

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Konichiwa, kawai sis ^_^
done answered ur question..

Condoriano said...

Wahyu, yes it's her. The one from You are Beautiful and yes Im a male.

Faetynn, I guess so :)

Nurul, oh okay. You were reffering "sis" to the comment above right?

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

yup ^_^ reffering to her.. not u >_<

Dianaa said...

macam pernah tengok dulu2. tak ingat tahun bape. lama dah kan?

Condoriano said...

Nurul, glad if so lol

Dianaa, yeah its like the past 6-7 years maybe.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

ummm time az sek rendah haha 2004 kot

Condoriano said...

Oh seriously that long already? haha

misz sheyla said...

xpernah tengok kartun ni..skang ni layan tengok oggy and the cockroaches... zig & sharko..spongebob.. dan lain2

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

hahaha yup long long time ago.. tp rse mcm bru je smlm az dok depan tv, lyn Blue Clue.. Teen Titan, Dexter, Winx Club.. hahaha

4feet8 said...

err.. tak pernah tgk hihi puffy amiyumi. ni pun baru je tgk kat youtube.. hehe..

Condoriano said...

Sheyla, oh that shows. Dulu pun selalu tgk OGgy and the Cockroaches and spongebob x)

Nurul, eh cerita Teen Titans ad lagi ke?

4feet8, haha xpe lah atleast dpt juga tahu x)

dilla said...

woah avril wrote the song! dayyum avril is a great songwriter XD

Haruno Hana 하나 said...

me is 19 and still love anime! :D haha! can't resist this anime madness! SAO! Shaman King! Code Breaker! and many more!

I already answered your question :) this link for the Zalora stuff

Condoriano said...

dilla, Ikr, that really sounds like Avril songs x)
I think Avril Lavigne would sing better though.

Haruno, oh anime is different story, Im older than you but still watch anime x)
Okay this isn't really something to brag about.

Amanina said...

ohh.. u are the big fans for them :)
btw ur age maybe 19 or someting.

p/s: about last entry.. my answer 4 ur questions is i xmarah about undi tu.. nevermind :)

reenapple said...

ooooo.. I just watch the cartoon only. hehehe

Condoriano said...

Aminina, oh glad if that so, now I realised you are a type who didn't published your comment?

reenapple, niice.

Anonymous said...

wow, they are the ones behind teen titans? cool. and the other songs are nice.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha u change the top video, evrytime az terjah blog kamu, that song automaticly play.. teringat teen titan main keja2 dlm rumah yg memeningkn tu hahaha miss my childhood.. don't wat to grow older T.T

Condoriano said...

Zan.hideki, you thought so as well? it is right? :)

Nurul, haha cause It kinda annoying when I heard it a lot of time, since I visit my own blog a lot in a day x)

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha same with me ^_^
slalu lepak kat blog sendiri, that why playlist banyak lagu yang entah pape

Condoriano said...

Oh playlist kau best-best juga la, aku kalau tgh lukis-lukis mls bukak lagu aku pergi je blog kau lol.

Fatin Mira Syuhadah said...

this song theme I reminded during elementary school that often see this cartoon in the channel ntv7 ◕‿◕。

Condoriano said...

Yeah it is right? :)

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha thank you ^_^
glade ade orang minat lagu2 yg aq minat..

Condoriano said...