Sunday, 7 April 2013

Toy's Story I

As Salam,

I wonder if it's normal for people at my age still concern about toys.
When I say toys, I didn't mean the soft plushie,
that even big girls still have it on their rooms.
And not as an Otaku as well, since they collecting
stuff like their favourite's anime toys.

As for me? Im not sure If I have
what it takes as an Otaku.
I do likes anime and cartoons, maybe I could say I am,
except that Im a poor Otaku cause I didn't
have much money to afford all those merchandise..
All I ever had was a figure of a Toy Story character.

Toy story is my favourite's movies among all.
I watch it when I was a kids, and Im still watching it now.
Maybe because they have my childhood memories in them.

Back then, I have a friends that have a room
with a few collection of Gundam figure.
You know, those expensive one, came from the big box.
I like to go to his rooms and watch his figure,
Im not really a big fan of Gundam actually,
and I never watched their anime.

I would also like to have one of those in my own room.
But not exactly Gundam, cause I don't want to be like him
he will get angry whenever someone trying to mess with his toys.
I don't blame him, cause you have no idea
how long did he manage to build one of those.

Coincidentally, Toy Story 3 is coming out around that time.
At shopping complex, they have many Toy Story's booth
that's selling their merchandise.
Among all the stuff, there is only one that I like the most
which is the Real size of the Toy Story character,
like those in the movies.
With their original packaging, it was really beautiful.
The Buzz Lightyear is in his speacial spaceship case.

I spend all my saving to purchased the Cowboy, Woody.
I desired to collect all of it, so that I can crete my own Toy Story.
Sadly, I don't have that much money.
One of the toys cost me around RM100 above.
Which is way unaffordable for me that time.

My Woody looks like this, the size is about 
the size of an arm and a bit taller than this.
He have a removable hat and a string behind,
which makes him talking when we pull it.

I put him inside my room, all of my friends
that came to my room, they all stops to play with him for awhile.
He was the best toy I ever had.
He was there when I came back from class,
and there when Im studying or doing my assignment.
So I got a friends in me,
as what they said in the Toy Story's theme songs lol.

Unfortunately, after that ...

(To be Continued)


Gadis Misteri said...

what happen after that???
I need to know!!!!

Condoriano said...

lol I didn't think anyone would read this,
Maybe I would continue on the next weekends.

4feet8 said...

mm..toy story ni movie nya dah lama, tahun bila awk beli woody?

Condoriano said...

Yeah it's an old story, I bought it at the same time Toy Story 3 came out.