Friday, 12 April 2013

Roserade and Me

As Salam,

Happy Fridays to all of you,
Today i want to show you one of my favourites Pokemon,
from the new season of Pokemon Best Wishes.
Actually Im not quite sure which seasons is this monster from,
but I once saw it on Best Wishes episodes.

His name is Roserade,
a pokemon that have character of a Rose.
I like his looks, looks like a gentleman wearing a cape.
There is also a scene where he is wearing a towel aroud his face,
that makes him looks like an adorable ninja.
Sadly I don't have any pics of that to show.

Some scene of Roserade on Pokemon anime series.

This is my Paint of Roserade and myself.
Does we looks alike? x)

Actually I also like Tsutarja, from the Pokemon Best Wishes.
She is one of the Pokemon that Ash need to choose at the beginning of
his journey, but Ash's Tsutarja was found on different scene.
Maybe next time I'll draw myself with her.

Do you guys have any Pokemon that you like?



Remy hazza said...

pokemon lovers rupanya...... he3

Condoriano said...

Yes I am :P

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Ummm I love Digimon, pokemon ummm I love pikachu

Condoriano said...

I like Digimon too, but Pokemon have much more kawaii monster than there are in Digimon :)

MarnieyZ said...

i used to watched pokemon but now not anymore. hehe.

MarnieyZ said...

*to watch -,- *grammar error* hahaha

suneosatellites said...

Cool. You love doodling huh? Thats pretty awesome :-)

Faeytynn Zayn said...

pokemon I like is pikachu

Condoriano said...

To Marnieyz:
Aww thats too bad, cause Pokemon are much more fun lately :P
and who cares about grammar inside blog x)

To suneosatellites:
Yes I did but im only an amateur, Im only paint when I have time.

To Faeytynn:
Looks like everyone likes Pikachu.

deno said...

i loves Pikachu!!

Pika Pika!!!!

deno said...

p/s: she is MA (medical Assistant)- Farisya Anastayia :)

Condoriano said...

Yeah, Pikachu is cute..
but I like Pichu better than Pikachu x)

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

Wow...ur drawing is good....the characte looks cute to me...

Condoriano said...

Me or my pokemon? x)

AuL Howler said...

Well, I love almost all of pokemons. (I just hate some)

U play pokemon GBA?
I played all version.
and now I'm re-playing POKEMON SHINY GOLD
(Starter: cyndaquil, etc)


Condoriano said...

I used to, by using simulator to play it on the PC. But I didn't play all of their version, I think I stopped at the Sapphire or so. Pokemon Shiny Gold? I that the latest one?

Aida Ismail said...

I'm not into Pokemon but they are cute! ^^

Condoriano said...

Yeah they are.

Nina Maslizza said...

cute..nak minta buatkan samurai jd doctor boleh?

Condoriano said...

Haha sure, but explain la sikit samurai jadi doctor tu mcm mana? lol

Fatin Mira Syuhadah said...

wow looking great,awesome ^___^
keep it up >.<

Condoriano said...

Thank you.