Sunday, 14 April 2013

Toy's Story II

(Previously on Toy's Story I)

I bought a toy from Toy Story character, Woody.
The one that looks like a cowboy.
Mine looks like the real Woody from the movie.
With the same height and can do whatever
the Woody in the movie can, except for moving by itself.

I put my Woody inside my room,
on my study desk, he came out with a stands.
Which just make it a perfect decoration on my desk.
I must say its really funny for a teenagers like me having a toy.
Even, my friend's asked me didn't I worried
what if the toys moving in the middle of the night?

I know he was only joking, but actually
I wouldn't mind if he is moving, atleast I have someone
to accompany me when Im overnight studying lol.
It's not like Im owning a Chucky to worry about right?

Chucky, he made few child becomes pedophobia.
(Afraid of dolls)

Long story short, there is one time
we all went balik kampung for the sem break.
I bring Woody along with me home.
Cause I wanted to show him to all my siblings.
Especially my youngest brother, he likes toys a lot.

What's weird is my Woody, which belongs to my study desk,
is placed on our Toys box with the rest of the toys.
When we have young visitors coming to our house,
they all seems to enjoy playing with Woody.
Eventhough, it makes me feel anxiety,
when I saw childs like 4-7 years old playing with him.
Some of them even wanted to bring it home too lol.

When it's time for me to go back to hostel,
I totally forgot about my Woody inside the Toy's box.
Im already back in hostel, when I realised that
my desk feel incomplete because it have no Woody on it.
So I just have to let it go, and keep convincing myself to
bring him back next time I went home.

Sadly, by the time I came back home after that.
My Woody already lost his head.
I was like how would this happens?
Even the string behind him doesn't work when I pulled it.
And his head remains unknown, only his cowboy hat and body is there.
Im really dissapointed with my little brothers,
But when I think about it, I can't really blame him.
Because I know 87% of the toys inside our Toys box are broken.
It's like our way to play with toys?

I don't know how did we play with toys when we was young,
And non of us are like Sid Phillips in the Toys Story,
who break his toys for his excitement.
My moms used to adviced us many times to play with toys nicely,
cause our toys keep broken one after another.
Or was it because that's how boys playing his toys.
I think Im gonna go with that,
boys are more fierce when it comes to having fun.

We don't have any sisters in our siblings,
but I have cousins that is girl,
when we went to her house we can see all of her toys.
is nicely organised, nothing is broken and they all were good.
My mom said that we should learn how care of toys like she did.
We were like duh, she doesn't have any cool toys.
All are barbie and some creepy dolls.

Hark back, it's weird if they are so good at taking care of toys,
Why did the girls are given soft toys and plushie in the first place?
They are unbreakable, no matter how
many times you throw it on the ground
If so, they should be given toys that can be break.
Since they can take good care of it
and we boys should play all the dolls. lol.

But again this pics explain 
why Boys shouldn't play with Girl's toys


This is just too hillarious, Woody x)


Alien Ohsem said...

How old are you, may I ask?

Condoriano said...

Im too old to play with toys already x(

Alien Ohsem said...

Nah, I'm just asking. xD

Nina Maslizza said...

toy story,suka sangat... bout d comment, its not u.. :)

Nina Maslizza said...

tak sempat tgok pun ur comment

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Erk! want to know something funny??
Ok, all these day I known you, and I though that you was a girl.. after I read this and noticed "We don't have any sisters in our siblings" and "We were like duh, she doesn't have any cool toys", I was like OMG! and than I laugh like hell.. Blushing a bit.

Nina Maslizza said...

owh,,i juz know s well

Condoriano said...

Nina, glad if that so cause I thought you were refering to mine,
maklumlah baru je nak merangkak-rangkak belajar english.. kadang2 tak sampai mesej yg ingin disampaikan lol

Nurul, haha it's okay,
even my display pics is a kdrama actress so I understand the confusion x)

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Your beautiful.. go mi nam hahaha a girl who trying to be her twins go mi nam

Condoriano said...

Yeah thats her xD
She looks so handsome and cool in that pics.

Tuan Juhaida said... n my kids also love Toy Story! hehe.nice entry!

Dianaa said...

FD suka patung Chucky. nak beli, tapi parents tak kasi. hihi :D

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Chucky?? creepy.. yup she is, can play 2 different gender character..

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

terjah sini laju2...uweiiiii ^^

owh ok2 mengaku mmg dh mak budak tp peel mcm budak2 lagi huhu...mmg sukakan toy story.karakter plg suka mmg yg cowboy tu sbb smart.

dulu ms kecil mmg byk toys tp xda barbie n dolls yg mata bulat kelip2 tu.nnt kaki patah,kepala patah so takut.....

suka beli kpl terbang(parents kje MAS ngee),beli mainan askar kecil2 tu,beli lego sbb my atok arkitek so lego tu hbs akk bina jd rumah wink wink..

dulu ms study otak kan penat so housemate kata jom layan movie.dia gi pasang lak Chucky....mmg seminggu tkt nk tidur sorg hahahahha....

aku mira said...

owh..i'm already trauma with Chucky...haha

MSaddiq said...

eeee mesti mahal kan woody tu. mesti ade rase marah jgk kan masa tengok kepala dia dah tkde kan haha

Condoriano said...

Juhaida, oh nice. Cerita macam ini lah yg bagus dijadikan tayangan umum kan?

Diana, seriously Chucky? o.o

Nurul, I never watched chucky before, cause Im to afraid to do so. But just out of curiousity, is chucky a boy or girl? I thought he is a baby boy.

Condoriano said...

Alea, ops I didn't know girls also play that toy's soldier and lego. Betul lah bukan semua perempuan minat dolls and barbie gitu?

Mira, that's why I didnt watch Chucky xD

MSaddiq, yeah it's really expensive.. my best toys ever x(

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

chucky is a guy.. actually chucky tu juz a doll but one night ade kes rompakan, and the guy yg kne buru tu tukar roh msok dlm that doll.. erk don't know wether u can understand me or not

Condoriano said...

Yeah I do. Okay now I think I remember a bit about that movie. I watched it once on the bus on some school trip. But we didn't finished it I think.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

If you want to watch that movie from the first until last, I have it in my leppy ^_^
aiyak! ayat tunggang langgang

Condoriano said...

Hahah no way, not at the time like this. Mau nya terbayang2 nanti pula =.=

Kakzakie said...

Being a teenager must know what sort of toys is suit to you... imagine if teenager still attach with toys day and night... think further for the future that is the most important.

Condoriano said...

Exactly, thanks for the advice. xD
Don't worry it's like im playing it like kids does. Maybe more like a collectables.

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

just watch toy's story 3 last week...Im so touch since Andy had grown up...

Condoriano said...

It's so true, toys story 3 is the most saddest one. I know how Andy felt when he can't bring Woody to his college :'(

deno said...

i love toy story :) chucky??!! sangat menakutkan!

Remy hazza said...

love the chucky movie.... scary dan my feberet muvie during teenager...

Condoriano said...

deno, yeah lol.

Remy, wow really, what a Man. xP

Dianaa said...

ehee, yup! minat dengan Chucky, tak tahu kenapa :D

Condoriano said...

Different people different taste maybe x)

4feet8 said...

alaa..ruginya terlewat baca entry ni.. hehe.. sebut pasal chucky teringat ceritanya yg mcm horror tu. siap ada isteri dan anak..

bila baca cerita ni,mcm tersama je dgn kisah toy story. andy yg dah dewasa, tinggalkan woody kemudian dihantar ke rumah kanak-kanak yg akhirnya main dgn begitu ganas(ada bear besar kat rumah tu)

Condoriano said...

Exactly, except that Andy missing much more than I do, but he wanted to bring woody at his college first right?

dilla said...

issokay , i have a 24 year old buddy who still play with toys , gunpla , gundam n some hot toys . hihi he always show me his kamen rider belt n the cards too ^^

Condoriano said...

Yeah gundam, most of my friends collected that. How I missed watching the Kamen Rider.