Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hollywood Undead

As Salam,

Do you guys like Rap songs?
I actually not a big fan of any rap songs,
even if you guys ask me do I like
Eminem, Black Eye Peas, Flo rida, Akon or more?
Sorry to say, but no I don't D:

I don't hate them, it just that I don't like to hear songs
that Im unable to sing along.
Yeah, my english is bad and I can't speak fast cause
Im might bite my own tounge if I sing so fast lol

But its different with Hollywood Undead (HU).
They are more like Metal-rap kinda songs.
Which is differents from the R&B-rap songs,
that used to be played on radio.
I bet this kind of musics would never
allowed to be played on the radio in my country anyway.

The Hollywood Undead band,
each of them looks so cool with that spooky mask!

So, aside from a lot of vulgar language in their songs,
the rythms are awesome.
The rap isn't that good but ain't that fast,
even an amatuer like could rap along with the songs, trust me!

What is so good about Hollywood Undead?
They always have the best chorus after some of the lame rap part..
and their appearance are also interesting,
they all wearing cool masks.

They all wear mask NOT because they were
inspired by a screamo band called Slipknot,
but they want something difference than today musics.
Which is looks is more than anything else,
and Im 87% agree on that :P

The first songs that makes me fell in love with them is No.5,
its from their first album called Swan Songs.
Most of the songs are party songs, so its all great to hear.
For example Everywhere I go, The Diary, This Hate this love and more.

After that their one of their vocalist, Deuce,
who used to sings the chorus part left the band..
Im not sure if he want to left or get kicked off the band.
But Deuce going on solo, sadly,
The One and only songs that I enjoy on his album
is call The One lol

Hollywood Undead recruit a new member, Danny,
and we can see his appearance on their second album.
Danny has a great voice too, like Deuce,
and he always be the one to sings the chorus now.

 Hollywood Undead - Bullet
One of the songs that I like from American Tragedy album.
Its actually a suicide songs sang in a weird happy theme =.="

With Danny in the band they move on with their latest album
on this year is called Notes from the Underground.
Go ahead and try on their songs like
Another way out, Lion, Rain, believe, One more bottle and more!

If I am one of them,
Joker's mask will be my choice,
Why so Serious? xD


Alien Ohsem said...

Black metal? Kidding xD

Condoriano said...

Eh no, not Black metal x(