Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Diurnal Broadband

As Salam,

I had a problem with my broadband.
Currently, Im using the YAKINLAH, Jalur Lebar Kepakaran Kami's Unifi.
I saw that big ads somewhere on the highway,
it does sound promising,
for someone who actually haven't used it yet.

Not that its all bad, its really fine before
cause we been using it for quite few months.
The speed is actually better than Streamyx,
that we used before.
They said Streamyx have more stable line
cause they never been so fast or so slow.
But unifi is good, except that it sometimes lost the connection.

Usually I don't mind when it disconnect for few minutes
then it will be okay after that.
But recently, I never could connect at all during the night time.
This is really bad for a nocturnal person like me.
I like to post entry, study or more
during the nights. Im like a batman, without his intellectual and superpower.

But with this condition all I can do at night is type this
on the notepad then save it.
I could paste it on my blog later that morning, which is chagrin for me =.=

I been meaning to ask my mom to contact the unifi staff.
But I can guess what she would respond.
"It's good then, you can sleep at night and use it only in the morning"
My mother wouldn't understand me after all D:
She have her own broadband for working purpose thats why she don't mind,
the unifi in our house is for the use of studying.

My little brothers abused it for his gaming,
that I also got the blamed for that.
It have been awhile since I stop using internet for online games.
But stop watching drama on the internet, is tortuous.

I think my mom might having a plot with the unifi to keep me in bed
during the nights,
If so, well-played Unifi, but remember
if you don't let me use you during the night,
I will no longer use you to update my blog!
This is no treat, this is an offer,,

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