Thursday, 4 April 2013

Playful Kiss

As Salam,

This is the latest drama I been watching,
usually I won't fell for such a Rabu-Rabu(love-love as they said in Japanese) Drama.
and yet here I am not just watching, but making review as well.

This is not as much differents from the usual plot of Kdrama,
all about how one doesn't love someone, after that
the someone makes them felt for him/her..
Anyway, Knowing the plot doesn't mean that Im not going to watch it..
After all it's because the actress is why I have to watch it.

Playful Kiss, was inspired by a Japanese Manga,
called Itazura no Kiss.
Haven't read that manga yet anyway.
Also known as Mischeavous Kiss & Naughty Kiss.

Let me tell you a bit about the drama.
Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) is a clumsy girl student from the "F" class,
its a class for the worst student in that school,
who one day felt in love with an "A" class students, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Jong).

Jung So Min plays the Oh Ha Ni,
she did the character very well and funny..
Oh and she is so cute with the straw hat!

Baek Seung Jo is a genius and also extremelly popular with the girls.
He have the whole package, looks, wealth, smart and
what else a girls would need in a guy?
Sadly, Baek Seung Jo is a bit cold, he hates stupid girl..
Which in this case, it's Oh Ha Ni..

When Oh Ha Ni send him a love letter,
he send it back with a marks of D cause
he corrected the mistakes that she made in that letter.
That part is always amusing me xD

However One day, something happens to Oh Ha Ni family
which will change the whole life of both of them..
What happens? You would know it after you watch the drama :D

Oh Ha Ni, I made this for her lol


Siti Zulaikha Shuib said...

watched already! =)
its not that nice but the special playful kiss is great.
Chincha daebak ^^
they r so sweett..

Condoriano said...

Oh really? I stopped watching it when they both entered the University, I'll find a right time to watch it again :P

NurulSyahira said...

dah tengok ! best sangat ! xD

Condoriano said...

Isn't it? :)