Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boston Marathon Explosion : Please Don't be a Muslim

As Salam,

Lately, i read about the explosion
that happens in the Boston, United States of America.
So, what exactly happens in there was
the explosion of twin bomb at 2 different location
near the marathon track that killed 3 person
and injured many of the audience.
There is a live video on youtube that show exactly how the bombs explodes.
Since the camera was suppost to caught the
contestant of marathon that is about reach the finishing line.

Im feeling sorry and sympathise to the victims,
and people that lost their families there.
I also curious and been trying to catch up with the news
to see the latest update on the incident of Boston,
either they had already caught the
suspect that involved in the incident.

Unfortunately until today, the president of USA and the FBI,
state that they doesn't know yet who did it.
Though, there is a lot of assumption made by
the citizen of America.
Either it could be a conspiracy, Terrorist, and more.

Out of all assumption,
as usual what I didn't like to read, is always there,
how they assume it could be the work of Muslims.
Because of the 9/11 incident that happens on WTC.
Some Islamophobia been bashing muslims
throughout the internet,
which is even make me sad to keep on reading.

Some of them get the wrong idea from
the concept of Jihad as in Islam,
for them Jihad means it's okay to get rid of people that are infidels of Islam.
Which is totally wrong, and Islam never told us to kill
others people wisely because of different belief.

However, it never changed the facts
that Muslims has once been classified,
as terrorist for certain people,
so in this kind of cases also it's no suprised that they will got the blame.
That's what Muslims all across the world thought,
so, in a certain places with Muslim's citizen such as Libya,
people made signs with variety of messeges
such as "Thugs and killers don't represent Islam,"
"Sorry people of America, that is not a behaviour of our Islam."
and more of them to show the messege to the world,
that it's not Muslim that is responsible for the explosion.

In twitter, the words spread when people keep retweeting
the original tweet from a girl in Libya that says,
"Please, Don't be a Muslim".
As for what every muslim praying and wishing right now,
that this bombing incident isn't caused by a muslim.

And as for me,
I also pray this isn't caused by a muslim.
I hope they can find the right truth behind the incident,
Not just simply suspected us as the criminal.
I hope this is not a case to get a reason to keep killing us muslim
in palenstin or so, wAllahualam.
May Allah help us all, inshaa' Allah.


MarnieyZ said...

suka sangat salah faham dgn Islam.
-,- Nak tunding jari kat org muslim pula.

Condoriano said...

Yeah thats why la, maybe they got the information about islam on the wrong sources.

MSaddiq said...

Only 3 people were killed & they mourn like crazy. Thousands of people died in Iraq & Palestine and they don't even give a shit. what the hell is wrong with them

Condoriano said...

Tu lah, dorg ni ingat nyawa org di Palestin tu tiada nilai ke? =.=

Cho Zila said...

setuju ngan MSaddiq.. tiba2jer ada kaitan ngan muslim....

Aku Penghibur said...

ishhh!!!! mcm2 sekarang nie... abis yang dia bunuh rakyat islam di iraq, palestin, afganistan tu cm ne ??? ishh geram tol

Condoriano said...

Kadang-kadang pelik juga bila org mereka ckp jangan ganggu mereka, sedangkan mereka tu sebenarnya byk menganggu negara-negara lain =.="

Condoriano said...

Penghibur, itulah kebnykan ramai org mereka tak tahu askar mereka tu sebenarnya yg terrorist di negara Islam.

KY said...

itulahkan, kalau sesuatu berlaku dinegara mereka, memang selalu dikaitkan dengan orang Islam, hairan juga

kita pualk yg islam ni suka sangat banggakan bangsa mereka tu..ikut trend merekalah apa lgi dr segi fesyen..

Wahyu Alfiansyah said...

This is bad, foreigner thought its done by the muslim..

I agree with you that they got wrong information about our religion.. :(

Haruno Hana 하나 said...

discrimination between people in America and Palestin etc.. they mourned for the three deaths, but did they give any damn about thousands of death in Palestin? sure not

I salute those people who mourned for Palestin..

save Palestin, insya-Allah

Condoriano said...

KY, itulah yg pelik kan? Most of us ignorant sgt tentang bentu tu. Dulu my friends org ajak boikot barangan Israel pun dorg boleh ignore.

Condoriano said...

Wahyu, exactly. What else we could do the media influenced is very strong in there. Like us, they believed everything the media said.

Condoriano said...

Haruno, I really wish they would understand what it feels losing thousand of life in Palestine.

tenku butang said...

done follow here

Condoriano said...

Thanks a lot :)

Nurrul said...

Kenapa selalu muslim yg kena ? kenapa kenapa ? Apa yg umat islambuat smpai diowg dengki lantas menfitnah dgn cara begini ? Sedihnya rasa.. Harap2 Allah permudahkanorg muslim disana :(

Condoriano said...

Yeah agree, hopefully Allah protect the muslim there from any kind of discrimination that's happen due to this incident.

Nana Liena said...

i hate when islam has been associated with terrorism.. itu agenda yahudia ja.. grrrrrrr

zyma_senpai said...

sedihnye =(
muslim are not terrorist!

Condoriano said...

Nana, for example the muslim extrimist, whatever they did, will affect the whole Muslim community.

Condoriano said...

Zyma senpai, exactly.

Remy hazza said...

semoga umat islam seluruh dunia sentiasa dilindungi Allah.......

Condoriano said...


Nar Bana said...

smpai mcm tu sekali mereka bercakap tentang agama Islam? MasyaALLAH...petanda nk akhir zaman ni..

Nina Maslizza said...

thy juz jelez wif islam..

BlogsOf Hariyanto said...

no teachings in Islam to kill innocent people

Condoriano said...

Nar Bana, yeah wAllahualam.

Nina Maslizza, I think they are still trying to find a piece of their heart that went missing, it's not like we can blame them cause we actually haven't done our best in spreading our Islam :/

Hariyanto, agree :)

cik didiey said...

it's unfair if they simply accused Muslims as the caused of the incident. hopefully the truth will be revealed soon.

Condoriano said...

Hopefully, inshaa Allah.

Amanina said...

In shaa allah.. allah with us :)

suddenly i realize that my blog does not appear on ur blog.. I already follow u or not?

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

as salam sori lambat sggh bc entri hr i mood ke laut he3..

owh ttg boston,ms mula2 kuar brta akk dh rs mcm "hah ni mesti blame muslim"...tgk2 next brta "hah kan betoiii"

abg ipar akk smbg master kt US,dia rs seksa betul bila nama too islamic sbb diorg akn syak itu inilah...aduhai..

Nazmin Nazifa εїз said...

Nvm,Allah is here,with us :)

Condoriano said...

Amanina, eh Im not sure x)

Alea, ish2 itulah.. mintak2lah tak jadi apa-apa,
Suspek pun dia dah tangkap.

Nazmin Nazifa, yes inshaa Allah