Monday, 1 April 2013

My cousins flying to Japan

As Salam,

My cousins flying to Japan last night,
Her mom asking me as a senior do I have any advice to her?
Even there are like few things I would like to share her off,
I could only told her good luck wish, Ganbatte kudasai.

I don't know why, maybe Im really jealous
that I couldn't help myself from crying inside.
Oh how I wanted to go back to Japan.

But for what?
I've already had my chances once and yet,
I omitted, so here I am trying to get the hang of my life again.

Maybe Allah already set something better for me in here.
Maybe I will go there again but for not studying,
but to enjoy the good phenomena in there.
Perhaps for Honeymoon or sightseeing inshaa Allah. ^_^

Allah berikan musibah kecil kepada hambaNya
untuk menolak musibah Besar kata orang.
When I think about that, kinda true,
I might've been doing something odd if I was still back in my stress there.

So to my cousins,
Im wishing you the best in there,
Inshaa Allah, Allah will protect you there..
I will pray for your success,
Kekkyoku watashi mo ii senpai desu kara :')


aku mira said...

japan... =)

Condoriano said...

Yes Japan :')

Nana Liena said...

lucky he/she can flight to japan.. :)

Condoriano said...

Yeah, she.