Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Bloody Accents

As Salam,

Do you guys know how many accents are altogether?
don't bother to count, cause im not sure
even if the google would have the answer.
Im too lazy to google it, but if you guys do
please let me know too x)

Okay let's not look about the accent of the whole languages.
Let just talk about Accent in English pronouncation.
Although there is also a big number of
english accent all around the world.
For examples American Accent itself contains many
region's accent such as New York, Texas Accent and so on.

Listening to different's accent is actually making
something sounds more interesting, don't you agree?
For examples, in Friends, Ross using the British Accent
for his lecture to make the students listen
and not getting bored with him.
As in The Big Bang Theory also, Leonard and Alex,
mentioned that British is the sexiest accent ever.

As for me I also like the British Accents.
Maybe they sounds a bit rare for me.
Not like the American Accents, which is already familiar.
Since most of the cartoon, movies, songs or dubbed anime
that I watched or listened, is using that accents.
Only some of them have few parts of British Accent in it.

I wish to learn the accents,
I know it's not as easy as it sounds..
Even if you could learn it, it might not sound that original.
But maybe if Im staying there for a few years
I would sounds good at it.

Let me share you about a funny video
of 22 Attempted Accents.
It's really funny and interesting. (the girl)

Another accents that I like to hear is Arabic Accents.
If you guys watch Quran Weekly,
you can hear a lot of Arabic speakers with their accents
intepratting Al-Quran in english.
I think because they are mixed with some Arabic languages
of Al-Quran words, which is why they sounds so beautiful.
It's a really good youtube channel by the way.

Another proof why an accent give me such a big impact,
Harry Potter movies that's using British Accent..
Now everytime I heard a British Accent 
I would think of Harry Potter.
I don't know why, it's not like they are 
the first english movie I ever watched before.

But not all new accents are good to hear. No offense though.
I like Japanese language but I don't like Japanese Accents in english,
or they call it Japanglish. (Japanese + English)
Because they would add any vowels at the end.
Since that's how some Japanese words work I guess.
Another one that I dislike is Korean Accent.
or what they call Konglish (Korean + English).
But anyway, they both are funny to hear.
Also I don't like Mexican accent D:

And among all Malaysian Accents are the best.
Because thats My bloody Accents that I hear and use everyday x)
I wonder if there is Malanglish for Malaysian + English


Nurul 'Aiziz said...

hey! thanks for stop-by.. love your entries, done following you.. ow ya! thanx again for teaching me english.. learning english with you by reading all your entries..
ummm do follow me back and stop-by here


Condoriano said...

Thanks, but my english isn't really good, I have a lot of terrible grammar mistakes x)

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha read my english than you know..

Condoriano said...

I did and you are just fine :)

deno said...

accents...! i love it! btw, I have a cousin (he is 9years old) who lives in HongKong for 4 years, when he returned to malaysia.. he speak British accent..! sometimes i could'nt understand what he said.. haha ~

oh ya, can you speak terengganu accent? hehe^^

Condoriano said...

Oh wow, british accents, but how did he able to learn british accents in hongkong?
Haha I could use fake Terengganu accents I guess, and you can tell if I do.

NoorVictory said...

Sama. Suka British accent tapi selalu fail bila try cakap guna British accent.

Suka dengan American and British accent dalam Wild Child. :)

Condoriano said...

Oh I just watched the trailer, looks like a good movie to watch.