Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mix-ma Superhero

As Salam,

Today when im watching the Justice League,
I was thinking what if I also can have a choices
of superpower that I wanted.
What kind of power do I want?

It's not easy to think of a new power.
You have any idea how many superhero exists in this world?
From Justice League to Avengers, X-Man and so on.
I bet all the power that I wanted are already been taken by them.
That's why I want to mix my superhero with the one already there.
So here I design what I want in my own superhero.

I want Batman's heads.
Batman is known as the most intellectual superhero.
He doesn't have super powers like the rest.
But with his intelligance he can be an epic superhero.
Also that can help me in my exams.

My eyes will be the eyes of Martian Manhunter 
or known as J'onn J'onzz.
He is the last survivor from the planet Mars.
He have many cool superpower, such as telepathy,
x-ray vision, invisibility and can read minds.
Who doesn't want his eyes right? lol

Of course I want a steel body, so what else should I get
other than this man of steel, Superman's body..
However, Im afraid I have to received the whole package of deal. 
I get the extra power from Superman,
but I also got the weakness of Superman which is Kyrptonite.

As for my logo, I want the Atom Smasher's logo.
Atom Smasher is a professor that have ability,
to shrink into a size of an Atom or as big as Statue of Liberty.
that would be pretty useful for me.
Except I won't use that power to study about chemical reaction.

The legs is of course the fastest man alive, The Flash.
With this legs I can join every marathon run and win.
Oh you won't know how much money I'd gain.

I want the ring of Green Lantern in my finger.
thats a pretty handy accessories.
Don't you agree? I can just sit in my room and 
use my ring's power to take a drink out of refrigerator.

Finally, for completing my superhero I need
the bracelet and Armor boots from Wonder Woman.
They can repel bullets.
Atleast Police can't arrest me if I have those.

Okay if you are curious how my Superhero would looks like.
I'll show you,

Pretty cool huh?
Im still trying to come up with a perfect name for him.
I first thought of Condoman, but that sounds so dirty =.=
while Condorianoman is like zzz lame.


Nadiah Ashikin said...

Ang memang minat animasi ke?

Condoriano said...

Aah :)

AuL Howler said...

a little weird, actually.
But cool enough to be a hero.
he he he he

It would be better if that condoman or condorianoman wears a dark-blue top, I think. as superman does.

at least, red and dark-blue looks more fashionable :)))

Condoriano said...

Oh I was meant to draw the superman torso but didn't pay much attention on the real colour that superman's using x)

Anonymous said...

kathy follow back..no.9

Gadis Misteri said...

kreatif laa..

Condoriano said...

Thank you :D

deno said...

cool... ! btw, in my childhold, i love sailormoon! ^^

Condoriano said...

Oh I wonder what superpower does sailormoon have, if only sailormoon isn't girls show, I wouldn't mind watching it.

MSaddiq said...

Hahaha its a little weird to have a body of a man and a boot of a woman don't you think ? hahaha btw pretty cool

4feet8 said...

wahaha.. kreatif juga gabungkan semua.. ;)

Condoriano said...

Yes Saddiq lol, I forgot to mention about that weirdness.
And thanks 4feet.