Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Gangster Media I

As Salam,

Lately I saw the news of the teenagers got caught,
after their bullying activities been exposed by video in Facebook.
It's really dissapointing me to see their bullying clips,
even Im able to watch a fighting movies,
but Im unable to stand a real fighting video.
Especially when it comes to our own people.

There was once a video of some teenagers
trying to robbed a Cybercafe by beating the guy on the cashier.
Unfortunately they were stupid enough,
to not think that the Cybercafe have CCTV.
Their video was exposed also in youtube.

That's what been caught by video,
imagine how many more bullying happens in our country?
Not only in high school, they are also happens a lot outside.
If you guys watch the Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 video,
you can see how the Police beat the guys there.
I can't imagine what it feels like to got hit by that Batons.

Why did you think this kind of things happen?
One that I can think the most,
is because of influenced by media.
Nowaday there's a lot of film that is about fighting.
Not just from outside, but also from inside our own country.

For examples, movie about students fighting
to become the lead of the school,
that movie is called Crows Zero.
It's a really cool movie, and the heroes that been fighting
others student makes them looks so much cooler.
A lot of fighting scene that makes people wants to immitate.
I think the cases that happens in SMK Tun Hussein Onn lately,
they also immitate this movie fighting.

This is like the Boy's favourites movie..
going to school to fight someone.

I rarely watching TV, because I don't really likes
much of the drama plot on the shows.
Mostly about love, divorce, married to a rich guy,
a failed married, or some show that desperately trying to make people laugh.
But this one is differents, Juvana.
I only watched the movie,
They have also Juvana series on every week
Some people mentioned that the series
is still about failed in marriage and love story.
So I don't bother to watch.

Back to Juvana the movie,
it is about teenagers that were sent to
a rehab centre for teenagers that committed crimes.
So among them all in there, there are some real 'gangster'.
Eventhough it have different moral value than Crows Zero,
but the show still not failed at influencing the youth
about a cool badass character that beat up the others,
Like a boss,  to be the leader of the sociaty in there.

Juvana the movie.

here is my conclusion what will happens to people if they
watch this kind of show in our media:

Love Story = Love Bug grew among the teenagers, causing more pregnancy without married

Divorced = Influencing married people to divorce, cause they see how simple divorce works.

Married to a rich Guy = Okay all put on your make up, we have a Dato here to mengorat..

Failed Marriage = The actress crying everyday on every episodes zzz

Stupid Jokes = Encourage people to become stupid with stupid their jokes.

Racing Film = More Mat Rempit in Jalan Raya.

Fun at Disco/ Drugs and Girls Film = People seems to found the enjoyment of those things.

Fighting Film = More incident like the video of the SMK Tun Hussein Onn's students

Okay not all of that is true,
but seriously besides that,
what kind of film exactly that they should put inside media?
Is it..

Good Spiritual Film = Does it make ourself become good?

Honestly, I don't really know,
But what I know is, If you can't afford
to abstain yourself from watching the shows that could influenced you,
better to not watch it.
Turn off your TV.

As a parent's its the best to guide your children on the right path.
In this case, don't just let the kids watch everything on the TV.
Even Ustaz Kazim said he took his Astro Card when he went out,
so that his child won't be seeing
something they weren't supposed to see.

Game where you can be the guy who is bullying.

My doodle of Takiya Genji, Crows Zero.
You guys can be more cooler than this guy,
without have to fist fight to prove it.
This isn't Samurai of Edo Period or Zaman Hang Tuah,
where people adore you strength.
So Please don't be a bully :)


Remy hazza said...

too much expose kekadang merosakkan anak2 kita.....
always kena pantau selalu.....

HeNRieTTa JoSe said... much expose...not only film...but games and all the media tru nets...and gadget...

Pss....yeap....there three types that is avaiable....wide,macro and fish eye....

Condoriano said...

Yeah agree, might be hard to always to stay near our children, but it's for the best until they one day understand what's good and what's not to follow.

Faeytynn Zayn said...

tu lah cerite2 cam ni menjadi berpengaruh.

Condoriano said...

Yeah that's why, they are better off with something like Power Rangers x)

Fatin Omar said...

Isy X3


AuL Howler said...

super agree.

people in this era adore smart people or succes people.

Bullying is not really often to be happened in indonesia nowadays. We got the worst now. There're many cases about "tawuran". a group of students fight with a group of students. Like a war. Eww.

student nowadays...

MarnieyZ said...

pengaruh movie sangat. kesian kat their parents.

Condoriano said...

Aul really? That just sounds like crows zero x)
Yeah they are so influenced.

Aida Ismail said...

Couldn't agree more. Students nowadays are too hard to handle. Even teachers sometimes don't have the guts to scold them.

Condoriano said...

True, probably the teacher's the one that will going to be blamed by the offensive parents x(

Nadiah Ashikin said...

Buli dalam politik pun ada gak.. hahaha. :p

Condoriano said...

^ Oh agree.

Dianaa said...

memang pengaruh dari media pun. budak2 cepat trpengaruh kot

Condoriano said...

They does, Television or Internet can be their teacher, sadly, not everything that they teach is good x(

Amanina said...

agreed! no more attitude

Nina Maslizza said...

suka entry ni..trutamanya y pasal ZAMAN HANG TUAH... Kadang2 indtri prfileman tak tapis umur..semua main bedal...

Fairuz Zainal said...

tak reti la aku nak preview cerita sampai cenggini sekali hahaa bagus2

NoorVictory said...

Pengaruh media massa.

Nak je bercinta, bergaduh, bercerai, kahwin macam dalam filem. Dalam iklan. Itu filem, bukan real life situation.

Berkenaan isu buli baru-baru ni. Sungguh-sungguh lah, pendapat saya, adegan tumbuk tubi-tubi, tendangan terbang, gosok hidung, sangatlah tidak macho.

NoorVictory said...

Oh, btw, comel doodle tu :)

Condoriano said...

Yeah Nina, it was suppost to be fine if they filtered some of the shows that they are going to show it on the TV or cinemas.
But somehow, because internet still exist seems like no points of doing that since you can always watching online.

Fairuz I didnt really review x)
Im sucks at reviewing though lol

Noor, I agree to that too. From what I've been told that bullies upload the video to show to the rest how cool they are isn't it? sungguh tak matang.
By the way, thanks for the compliment.