Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mentos 3D

As Salam,

Yesterday when we went to grocery shoppings,
I couldn't help myself from taking a new fancy chewing gum
made by mentos.

I like mentos, also I tried to avoid it from taking mentos
with coke =.=
I don't want my stomach to burst with gasses xD

Fruit Fresh Flavour,
it contains 3 layer, Blackberry,
Kiwi and Strawberry..
It sounds yummy right? :9

I bought the purple box of mentos 3D,
cause I feel like this one looks tastier than the rest.

It was packed up fine with, and they had only like 7 pieces.
But somehow I got problem to take it out a piece.
Its like they sticking it with UHU glue or whatever =.="
Which makes me have to pressed the rest of the chewing gum to take one.

And also its stickier than others chewing gum,
Idk how many hours did I put the package it inside my pocket,
Im having a hard time to take off the gum from the cover.
Cause its all sticky with the kiwi flavour, good things it smells really nice.

The gum taste pretty much well,
but my mom says its kinda bitter.. 
Im not sure something might be wrong with my taste buds.
Or I guess those aren't really a good combination of fruits..
I mean Blackberry + Kiwi + Strawberry =  Sour + bitter

The gums also getting narrowed as much when you chew it,
which makes me want to just swallow it up.
The points of eating chewing gums is that you able to chew it up,
you might looks cool when your mouth keep on chewing xD
But this chewing gum, duh..
The taste is still remains but you might just want to swallow it 
cause they are getting smaller and smaller.

There are others flavour of them,
I don't think I would bother to try
but Im looking forward to see more review from this :D

Overall, I would give them like 1 star for the gums.
I rather buy bubble Gum instead xD

Like this one, Bubble Yum.
But you might getting ache to chew them all


aku mira said...

its been a long time i didnt 'meet' with the chewing gum... haha

Condoriano said...

Eh really? x(
Bad habits to chew on them uh?