Thursday, 21 March 2013

The animation Weekly

As Salam,

This week I got a new addiction,
eh what? No I didn't smoke or take drugs okay xD
I addict on watching movies..
Like last night I watched the same movie like twice..

Not just a movie, it is a very good animation movies.
Usually I won't get really attracted to any movies, but different cases with animation Movies.
I always loves 3D..

Luckly, there is quite a lot of 3D movie when I was born,
my mom told me when she was a kids there isn't anything good like this on TV..
She doesn't even own TV back then, sadly.

So I happen to watch a lot of 3D animation movies since I was young.
Like Toys Story (from the first till 3 I still love them) , Monster Inc, stuart Little and more.

So back to my Animation marathon, I watched quite a few movies, let me show you:

1. Wreck-it Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph starting Ralph.
5 Star!
This movie is actually brilliant, I never thought of anything
like the backstage of an Arcade Games.
So this movie was made based on a games called Wreck-It Ralph..
(I have no idea if that games really exist?)
Ralph is a bad character in that games cause all he did is only Wrecking stuff,
but inside, he don't want to be treated as a bad guy,
he is jealous with Fix-it Felix (which his job is fixing stuff that wrecked by Ralph)
because Felix got a lot of attention from the others.
Which make him one day did unbelievable things trying to win the heart of the others.
What did he did? You guys can check out the movie yourself :P
Vanellope von schweetz, a reason why I like this movies! xD
she is an adorable girl inside this movies.
She is from another games called Sugar Rush and met with Ralph,
she shares the same dream with Ralph, the attention from others.
2. Rise of the Guardian
Rise of the Guardians starting Jack Frost.
4 Star!
Everybody believe in Santa Claus, in Easter Bunny, in Tooth fairy,
but do they know about Jack Frost?
No, they don't..
So Jack Frost is just wandering around disturbing others just so they can feel his existance,
but nobody did..
Which is one day The Moon choose him to be one of the Guardians,
along with Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and others.
They are against the Boogeyman the Nightmare,
someone that actually needs what Jack Frost need.
Jack Frost, have the power to frost stuff
and also makes people happy when he throw snowball on them.
3. Brave
Brave starting Merida.
3 Star!
This movie is likely a life of a teenager that wanted freedom,
Merida is a princess that likes to play with her bow.
But her mother disagree with her lifestyle and force her to be
more like herself..
Which is why, one day, Merida made a mistake when she ....
(spoiler alert!)
I think parents that make this film wants
their teenagers learn something from this..
Good movies though~
4. How to train your Dragon
How to Train your Dragon Starring Hiccup & toothless
5 Star!
Hiccup is a loser viking, he doesn't have what it takes
to be a viking which hunt down the Dragon..
While his father is a hero of Viking so Hiccup is like a digrace to him,
but one day he shoot a Night Fury, a powerful dragon that is so fast no one ever saw his real body.
with his lously-self-build cannon..
But sadly the villagers doesn't believed him
so he went to see it himself,
and he actually changed after he met the dragon.
You want to know why? go watch it! xD
This adorable dragon is the reason why I watch this movie again,
he is called Toothless because he doesnt have teeth,
well he actually does it's just he always hides it..
5. Madagascar 3
6. Ice Age 4
And many more.. Im sorry too tired to type the review already T.T
P/s: You guys can stream it freely in here, it just took awhile but totaly worth it ^_^
1channel (I prefer loading it on filenuke)

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