Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hey ex Kids, Bombs away!

As Salam.

Finally I could download a full version of the Green day's Trilogy Album,
which is called Uno, Dos and Tre.
It actually means One, Two and Three in spanish.
Oh I like espanol but I no hablo espanol ! hablas igles :P
(Do you understand what Im saying?)

I felt in love with Green Day back then when I was in highschool,
That time their songs like American idiot, Boulevard of broken Dream,
Holiday and Wake me up when September ends been played
oftenly on the radio and television.

So I bought their album, which is a cassette tape.
Well what do you expect? a school boy to buy an original CD?
I'd have to fast from using my pocket money for few days
if I wanted to buy the CD.
Which is way impossible for me who loves to eat :P

So after that, I learn about the others Green Day songs
in their old album, it turns out that they are even awesome back then.
I started to like their songs starting from Dookie which is 1994
(The have more album before that but I didn't really like it)
until the 21st Century Breakdown that is in 2009.

Green Day at early age,
was once called themselves Sweet Children before
they turn into Green Day.

Latest pics of Green Day.
Im not sure how old are they
 but they are still Rock :P

I grew up listening to Punk Rock songs from Green Day.
And much more punk rockstar like Blink 182, Sum 41 and more.

Now, Im not really updated about all those bands
that I used to listened when I was young.
But from time to time, Im still hearing them in youtube
cause it makes me nostalgic listening back to their old songs.

At the end of last year,
Green day came out with a suprise.
Well, after like 3 years I haven't heard anything about them finally
they came out of Trilogy Album.
It was released at November 2012 for Uno,
Disember 2012 for Dos and January 2013 for Tre.

Sounds awesome but I couldn't really find
all the trilogy CD yet in Malaysia.
Last time I checked on the record store there is only album of Uno.

So I just start downloading all the songs in Album and
Walla.. I have all 3 of them now :D

Green Day X-Kid lyrics video, not officially but its nice to look at.
One of the songs from the trilogy, the Album Tre.
This songs really suit for me cause Im an ex kid (adult) :P

Another songs that I like from the album of Dos.
Its called Stray Heart.
Well actually there's a lot of songs that I like in those Trilogy Album,
it's just some of them aren't really suitable for kids out there
so I had to put the ones that is universal ^^

Did they actually play this songs in Radio or TV?
I mean come on la, this is a good songs..
atleast way better than Beauty and the Beast :P

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