Monday, 11 February 2013

Its not that I hate wedding

As Salam,

Despite of my last post which saying im trying to post atleast an entry for a day.
The date can't lie so it seems like I stopped posted for few days again and again.

Actually I was away from home for this Chinese New Year.
So I can't really use my blogs.. And I don't have any smartphones so..
Abandoning blog again!

This Chinese New Year:
I went to Sungai Petani, in Kedah, to attend one of my cousin's wedding.
Usually, I don't mind going to any weddings, but, its different when Im going to any of my
FRIEND's or COUSIN's wedding.

This entry have nothing to do with this books

Its not jealously, seriously,
First of all I think because they are almost the same age as I am.
so myself are also affected by that, I will received some question from my uncle or aunt or someone that trying to start making jokes about "WHEN IS MY TURN?"
I mean come on la, Makcik Pakcik, I belajar pun belum habis lagi tau, kerja pun belum tau boleh dapat atau tak loh..

Yeah thats the reason why I hate to attend any of my friends or cousins wedding..
If it wasn't for the Foods and Silaturrahim, I wouldn't be there I think.. nauzubillah :P

On this holiday, I got to talk to my brothers about my problems.
During my immatured years I actually made a girlfriends or people says Cinta Monyet.
Cinta Monyet is a love that people think they will last but they wouldn't somehow.
Somedays they'll get too bored and then will abandon the LOVE.

I think every teenagers out there are curious to try a relationship cause they thought they are good enough to get one, or two, or more than that maybe?

I didn't have cellphones when I was in my highschool,
which is the downside if im trying to have a couples in the school of love.
The only rule you need is.. must atleast have a cellphones or any gadget
that makes you reachable by others.
When I say gadgets, love letters is way too old for that.
And sadly, internet those days are only affordable by wealthy people.

So when Im out of school,
I got a phones as the present my parents gave me for my birthday.
At that time I start to explore the girls out there to fill my days,
which is very embarassing trying to remind how desperate I am those days =.=!

Okay back to my problem..

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