Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's up with the bad Pixels, Minecraft?

As Salam,

Last Night my cousins came to our house,
along with the cute 3 musketeers, our nephews.
At the same time, my youngest brother was playing a games called Minecraft.

Here's a weird thing about minecraft,
its like an old games, with a lot of box and very bad pixels.
But a lot of people seems addict playing it.
I don't even understand about the games cause all I can see
what my brother did is dug a hole and fill it with something,
then he destroy it with TNT or what-so-ever.

So one of my nephew said to my youngest brothers
Kau main MAIN CRAFT juga eh?
Despite of his weird pronouncation, he is still small
but he also understand those games.
OMG how come im 3 times older than he is doesn't understand single things
about those games.

So after that, I did some research about the games.
Using google seeing the feedback from the peoples that been playing those games.

I saw this video on youtube, Minecraft Trailer.
Its pretty much explaining what I thought about Minecraft

Well you know what,
its kinda fun to do some stuff for fullfill your curiousity.
I mean when you mine deeper and deeper,
you will find something new or weird.

Im very curious to see what's exactly inside the earth. 
If I had a chance I would dig until I made it to the Inner Core of the earth.
But again, in real, not in a box of pixels world.
Cause I don't want to see zombies of boxes =_=

Maybe I would encounter this kind of monster inside the Earth core,
Fire Breathing Salamander.

Or the Dragon's that eat the World Tree, Yggdrasil
in the Norse Myth, Niddhogr.

Talk about the deeper and deeper,
I also would like to see the real deep fish
like the Anglers Fish.

Or more fascinating creature that Allah created in there, yet to be exposed.

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