Friday, 1 February 2013

Radio's responds

As Salam,

This afternoon, as I was driving back from Selayang.
I got stucked in the traffic jam near the Batu Caves.
It was about time for the Friday prayers but I was still not getting any closer to the mosque.

I did understand that they were celebrating Thaipusam last times.
But that was few days ago, I think they are still having something else to do there.
I saw a lot of stalls been opened there and lot more people are crossing the road.
Which makes me pretty mad.
They should've atleast respect us cause we have Friday prayers going on.

Disturbing the people who have absolutely no buisness in there but still get the troubles,
u get what I mean?

Yes, I was absolutely complaining,
Even looking at the big gold statue infront of the Batu Caves getting my nerves.
I was like how can they alloweed to build something like that?
Isn't Islam is the main religion in Malaysia?

As soon as we passed the traffic Jam, the road become so peacefully usable.
And I wasn't finished on being mad
suddenly inside the Friday's Khutbah that is been played in Ikim.FM
they told us that we should respect each others religion.
Islam never told us to talk bad about others religion, cause if we does.
At the end, people will lost respect of ours and did as same as we do.

MahsyaAllah, did u see how Allah let the Radio to answer my problem :)
Sorry about being irrational, hinduism.

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