Monday, 25 March 2013

Linda Linda Linda

As Salam,

Do you guys know Base Ball Bear?
Well, maybe, if you like jpop or anime.
Cause their songs are played as one of the animes soundtrack.
Im not sure which one is it, but if you search on youtube you might know xD

This is Baseball Bear.
From left is the guitarist, bass, vocalist and guitarist, drummer.

I like Base Ball Bear, but it have been awhile since I listen to them,
what I like the most about this band is Shiori sekine <3
And their musics of course! :P

I used to have all their good songs in my MP3 before,
now that I broke mine so I no longer listen to them, which is sadly,
yesterday I started to listen back to them
which is why I felt in love back with Shiori Chan @.@

This is Shiori Chan, with the drummer of BaseBall Bear

 Aww, she's so cute in this! xD
I read somewhere it says Shiori also been actor in a movie.
It's called Linda Linda Linda.
As a stalker I went to jdrama websites to see that movie..

 Linda Linda Linda movie, its about school girl that
want to perform in their school's day festival.
And Shiori is the one on the left, she play as the bass.
Some people would say this is like a K-On movie.
But I rather say not, it's not exactly like K-ON except that they all girls.

Its about a band that want to find a new vocalist after they had
an arguement with old members.

And they found Son(Bae Doona), she is a foreign students,
which is from Japan.. that makes it more interesting.
There is a lot of funny moment in the video,
like this one..

A part where Son trying to ask
Kei's ex boyfriend.
There are a lot more kawaii scene which is why you need to watch it yourself!
Oh and guess what?
I found a link to watch it on youtube as well~
So here it is only 2 part and isn't that long :D
A scene where they sing Linda Linda Linda,
from Blue Hearts, a punk rock Japanese Band.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something from the movie
Actually there is one more things..
(To be continued)

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