Thursday, 21 March 2013

SPM : Spoiling Pupils Moments

As Salam,

Well today is a good day, for some pupils
that took the final exam of Highschool last year.
Which is SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), the certificate as a proof you are no longer a highschool students, or I called it as your souvenir of leaving the schools.

During my times, I had a stomache waiting for my results..
Which is weird because back then I used to be excited whenver Im going to received a result..
Don't get me wrong idea, Im not a really smart guy..

Im just a hard-working student, in fact,
what do you expect from someone that live in a hostel..
With so tight schedule and horrifying seniors and scary wardens
that always watching you right?

Thats why Im pretty excited when it comes to receiving any examination result back then,
Because I know I would get a good one :P
different cases with the SPM..
that one makes me lost my apetite in a few days before they giving the results.

But now, in University, waiting for the results is like something I wish it wouldn't exist..
cause I don't really need to know my result,
why? they was freakingly bad of course >_<

To all the candidates that's going to take the result,
 I wish you guys the best..

Nevertheless, the result doesn't really means its the end of your life.
There are still way further before they can be something you can really count on to live :)

So make a good choice on whatever path you going through!
Don't be like me T_T

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