Friday, 19 April 2013

One Piece Z Film

As Salam,

Yesterday when I was checking the latest update
of the One Piece Manga in
They suprised me with the new One Piece Movie,
that already available to watch
Their new movie is called One Piece Z Film.

It was actually begin airing at about past 4 months ago,
I remember I also make an entry to say I better watch this,
but sadly I couldn't find the movie anywhere so I gave up.
The movie was first released in Japan,
but I don't know why does it took that long for them to be translated,
yet, to be watched by all One Piece fan across the world.

Unfortunately, I don't think the movie
will ever be released in the Malaysian Cinema.
Cause they aren't really anime friendly duhh >.<
Maybe only their CD and DVD will come in here soon.
Which is why, I have no choice then just to watch it online.
(Do you see my great excuses?)

 It actually took them 15 years,
for Eiichiro Oda to finally give them some Pirates outfit.

This movie is actually pretty special than the rest of movie before
because they have the new looks of Luffy and their Crew,
as it was incident after they had reach the New World, in anime and manga.
So, if you guys are curious how they looks like,
and what is their new skills
you should check out the movie.

Z film, is actually taken from the main character in this movie,
although he plays a bad role in this.
urm actually I don't know if im appropriate to say that,
because in One Piece its actually pretty obscure about
which side is the good or bad one.
In reality, pirates is the evil while Marine is the hero.
But in One Piece there are scene where
it work reversly, and sometimes otherwise.
So the audience themselves to choose
which is the good or bad side.

One Piece Z Trailer, in Japanese sorry could find any subs one.
What's else good in this movie, is Avril Lavigne singing for the movie.
their songs is ♫Bad Reputation♫ and ♫How your reminds me♫
It's on the trailer.

Z is a Formal Admiral of Marine.
But he left for a reason, he dislike how the Marine works
so he formed his own millitary to destroy all the pirates.
In this film, he is going for a bigger plan to destroy
all the Pirates.
Luffy and the gang, caught in the scene by accident,
along with Marine who wants to stop Z plan from working.

I hope that won't really spoiled anything.

I can't help it but trying to make a doodle of the whole group.
However it's too tiring for me so I just ended up 
making only 2 of them, Luffy and Sanji.
Maybe someday I'll finish all of them.


Nana Farinaa said...

wow . amazing :)

Nina Maslizza said...

aiyoo..i didn't follow one piece oredy..miz lots of eps =='

Emildza Jayy ♥ said...

one piece is the best!

izzaty™ said...

yeah i like one piece !

Boku no Blog said...

Iam, My son very like One Piece,
Thanks for shared it

Gee GTG said...


"Unfortunately, I don't think the movie
will ever be released in the Malaysian Cinema.
Cause they aren't really anime friendly duhh >.<"

yeah!!! sooo trueee...why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha good news for him yes!

sobri yaacob said...

ha..ha.. ha.. love this cartoon..
i piece is the best :)

Condoriano said...

Nana Farinaa, Ikr :)

Condoriano said...

Nina Maslizza, Aiyo you should try watch it again When you free.

Condoriano said...

Emildza, yeah agree! x)

Condoriano said...

izzaty, then you should watch it xD

Condoriano said...

Boku no Blog, no problem :D

Condoriano said...

Gee GTG, Oh how I wish the minister of film would answer that xD

Condoriano said...

Nurul, for him who? :o

Condoriano said...

sobri, its anime x)

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

hehe for Mr.Az haha he love to wacth One Piece so much.. spending his free-time watching it, other than one piece he loves Gundam, kadang2 perangai dy mcam budak2 ble dy start ckap merapu2 n mengaitkn gundam..
p/s: igtkn aq org yang pertama tau bout this rupenye, aq lah yg terakhir tau.. dy dah tau dulu rupenye.. agak dah! ^_^
ow ya! bout Twilight back to back.. I'm not sure kt astro dah keluar Breaking Dawn Part2 ke blom.. if dah keluar biasenye dorg akn tayangkn all 5 film serentak.. from the first Twilight till Breaking Dawn Part2..
mcm last year, Breaking Dawn part1.. before that dorg ade tayangkn yg sblum2nye..
susah sgt g beli DVD haha setle problem..

Amanina said...

sound great! i like it :)

reenapple said...

ooo.. aku tak tengok sangat anime. Huhuh. tapi ada kawan aku memang suka giler one piece. Ehehehe. You reminds me of her. =)

Condoriano said...

Nurul, oh I see.
Yeah actually I watched the day before as well, just save it in my draft so atleast I could post each entry each day x)

Oh really? you mean there is also marathon for the movie in Cinema? I didn't know about that. Haha if DVD im sure they are too expensive for all the episode at once =.="

Condoriano said...

Amanina, yeah you should try it.

Condoriano said...

reenaple, really? x)
Im not a girl though.

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

ummm I mean marathone in astro.. DVD pirate ade meyh, last time I bought it for only RM12.. all 5 episode in 1 disc

Condoriano said...

Uhh is it as good in quality?

Haruno Hana 하나 said... can I say, yes, I love to watch anime..maybe the third-class otaku :P but I haven't watch One Piece, Bleach and Fairy Tail because it's a long series..I guess Prince of Tennis is the only one anime I watched for long series.. I mean, PT has 178 episodes..hehe.. :D

S.K.A said...

salam :) lama dah xfollow 1piece..last tgok episod 574..skrg dah episod bape eh?? ble la si lutfi ni nk jd raja lanun huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

you must really love to watch anime, right? my only fav is The Law Of Ueki..^^ but don't really remember the character..long time didn't watch it..huhuhuhuhu

Faeytynn Zayn said...

yeah jumpe peminat One Piece la :D

KY said...

eemmm...citer lanun tu ekk, best citer dia ramai juga rupanya peminat one piece ni hihihi

Condoriano said...

Haruno, hehe also have third class otaku eh? Idk which one do I belong to lol
Prince of Tennis anime I think I watch a few only in NTV7 before. x)

Condoriano said...

S.K.A, its already ep 706 now on manga and 591 on anime x)
Luffy becoming the Pirate King, still long way to go.

Condoriano said...

Nur Bana, oh I used to watch that one Animax before, one of my favourite as well :)

Condoriano said...

Fythnn, one piece fan also? :)

Condoriano said...

KY, yup cerita lanun tu, memang ramai.. tu top manga kt Jepun x)

Nana Liena said...

Dik.. can u explain to me why ya.. guys suka sangat onepiece nie??? mana tahu dapat tambah my info skit sbg preparation ya la kot2 my future husband pun suka one piece..hehe.. :P

Condoriano said...

Hahah nak explain tu susah sikit, maybe sebab cerita dia excited..
Dia tentang Luffy ni bercita-cita utk menjadi Pirate King utk dapatkan One Piece(harta karun) yg ditinggalkan oleh Pirate King sebelum ni.
So, dalam persuit utk mendapatkan One Piece dia jumpa crew-crewnya dan byk lagi incident yg menarik.

Wahyu Alfiansyah said...

same here.. long ago this movie palyed on TV but the privacy policy thought that this anime so sexy.. finally its banned..

I prefer read One Piece manga than the movie, Coz I get the story serially.. ^^

Condoriano said...

Oh I thought so.. I prefer both manga and anime x)
Though movie is a special episodes that didn't appear in manga.

Wahyu Alfiansyah said...

Yeah, and know OP manga up on the story in Dresrosa which in real world called Colosseum Rome..

So Cool ^^

zyma_senpai said...

kawan sy suka sgt one peace..

doodle dorang tu comel =)

Remy hazza said...

nampak sangat remy tak up to date.... tak pernah tgk pun manga2 nie...... hu3

Condoriano said...

Wahyu, oh I didn't know you read the OP manga that far :)

zyma, thanks a lot. Nanti bolehlah kenalkan kawan tu.

Remy, haha ada masa nanti tgk la :P

Nisa said...

wow.. sangat hebat !

Gadis Misteri said...

I hav to watch this ~~~~~

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