Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Segmen Kenalkan Diri - CIK i l y

As Salam,

Today Im joining a segment from CIK Ily,
I was tagged by one of active blogger, Nurul 'Aiziz.
She always drops by a lot of comment in my blog.
So as appreciation, I would like to do the same for her's.
And as well, this is my entry for the contest.

What a cute banner from the Hoster.

1. Real name: Condoriano Ano, they seems real to me.
2. Nickname: Condoriano.
3. Starsign and Age: Aries and cough..cough still young.
4. Male or Female: Male.
5. Facebook: No
6. Website: www.123piece.blogspot.com
7. Twitter: No
8. Other: I have my game ID if that's okay.
9. Hair color: Black
10. Long or short: Short
11. Loud or Quiet: Quiet and Mysterious.
12. Sweats or Jeans: Sweat pants indoor, Jeans for outdoor.
13. Phone or camera: A Smart Phone is what I always wanted.
14. Health Freak: No.
15. Drink or smoke: No.
16. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes.
17. Eat or drink: Drink.
18. Piercings: No.
19. Tattoos: No.

Have You Ever Been in a relationship: Yes.
Quarrel with someone u like: Yes.
Been in a car accident: No, Alhamdulillah.
Been in a fist fight: No.
First Piercing: No.
Best Friend(s): No.
Award(s): No.
CrushSomeone  Yes.
Vacation: Yes.
Last Person you talked to: My cat, a person to me.
Person you texted to: No.
Person(s) you watched movie with: My cat and i forced them to.
Food you ate: KFC Zinger Burger
Drink you drank: Coke.
Movie you watched: Just lately, One Piece Z Film.
Song listened to: Supercell - Sayonara Memories

Thing(s) you bought: We had steamboat at home yesterday, So I bought the ingredients.
Person you hugged: My mom.
Favourite Food: Nasi Goreng Kampung
Drinks: Coke.
Have you ever Kissed in the snow: No.
Celebrated Halloween: No.
Had your heart broken: No, but Im the one who broke someone's heart.
Went over the limits on your cell phone: No.
Came out of the closet: What am I from Narnia? 
Gotten pregnant: No.
Had an abortion: No.

Done something you've regretted: Yes.
Broke a promise: Yes.
Hide a secret: No.
Pretended to be happy: Yes.
Met someone who changed your life: Yes.
Pretended to be sick: Yes.
Left the country: No.
Tried something you normally wouldn't try: Yes.
Cried over the silliest thing: No.
Ran a mile: No.
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Yes.
Stay single the whole year: Yes.
Currently Eating: Nasi kukus ayam dara
Drinking: Cold water
Listening to: A songs
Waiting for: No.

Your future

Want kids: Yes
Want to get married: Yes.
Careers in mind: Engineer.

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: eye
Shorter or taller: Shorter are cuter
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arm: Nice stomach?
Sensitive or loud: sensitive
Single or relationship: single
Noisy or quiet: quiet

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: No
Ran aways from home: No
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: No.
Broke someone's heart: Yes
Been arrested: No
Cried when you lost someone: No

Do you believe in

Yourself: Yes.
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: Yes.
Heaven: Yes 
Santa Claus: No
Things last forever: No

Is there one person you want to be with right now: No
Is there a person you make a promise with now: No
Is there a person that you can't forget now: Yes
Is there something you really want to do now: No
Is there something you really wish to have it now: Yes
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: Yes, please follow my blog x)

Is it me or this feels like im in the middle of interrogation.
Anyway, I hope you guys would know me better from this introduction.

I want to tag everyone that would like to join this segment.


zyma_senpai said...

walaupun dah perkenalkan diri tetap Mysterious, hihihi.. XD

Nana Liena said...

yeah..still mysterious fr me..btw good luck... :)

Nadiah Ashikin said...

wait! u ada tagged? yes rite.. :p

reenapple said...

wow... nice to know you. =)

But still a mysterious. -_-

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

Mr. mysterious! thanks for joining .. Two answer from you yes or no.. ahha suke tgk doodle ko.. Jelousing on you.. ble la nk mahir buat doodle..

marniey zul said...

baca soalan, sambil jawab sendiri jgk. hahaha. Wahh, nma mmg cool. Condoriano Ano.

Condoriano said...

Zyma, eh you thought so?

Condoriano said...

Nana, thanks. Not really for me x)

Condoriano said...

Nadiah Ashikin, yes pls answer :D

Condoriano said...

reenapple, nice to meet you two.

Condoriano said...

Aiz, haha you should try Paint Tool SAI it's much better from paint x)

Condoriano said...

Marniey zul, I know right? x)

adrianna syaz said...

Mr mysterious..?.. :).i follow uﹰ

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

owhhhhhhhh hurmmmmmm huhu......awak lelaki???ok2 b4 this tgk ur doodle so cute so ingat this owner yg very friendly n creative adalah 'SIS'.(adeih ok tutup muka dgn selimut sambil lari laju2 malunya)

wahhhh dh bc pun terasa mcm nk knl lagi nak tau lagi...misteri betul!nice name suka2.

p/s-->jgn lupa buat tutorial lukis n color with SAI.hrp lps ni ramai kwn yg follow blog ni sbb best :)

Nadiah Ashikin said...

apa tagged u? let me know bleh.

tenku butang said...

heeee.. misteri gak wlu dh perkenalkan diri.. cer buat fb.. gerenti x misteri dh.. heee.. =0)

KY said...

betul cakap zyma, tetap misteri..hahaa..

S.K.A said...

fuhhh..segmen ape ni?? pnjg tol..dh mcm bancian da..cikiLy pnye idea hu3..tp awat xde fb??? mmg misteri la..

Condoriano said...

adrianna syaz, thanks, followed you already :)

Condoriano said...

aleasara, eh Sis? lol that's funny x)
Tutorial tu tak berapa nak reti sangat nak buat, kalau tolong review tu inshaa Allah reti. Nanti ada masa I'll do it.

Condoriano said...

Nadiah Ashikin, tag tu macam permainan kanak-kanak kejar-kejar. Si pengejar tu tag yg lain then yg kena tag tu pula mengejar. Lebih kurang mcm tu x)

Condoriano said...

tenku butang, eh taklah misteri sgt. Sengaja tak minat diketahui :)

Condoriano said...

KY, eh ramai betul igt mcm tu o.o

Condoriano said...

S.K.A, haha tu lah kan? xD
Tapi silakan menjawab kalau rajin.

Nadiahtul Asyikin Lee said...

wah~~ mysteriousnya~~ hard to find people like you~

Condoriano said...

There are thousands people like me x)

cik didiey said...

i thought u're female...
silly me...hikhik

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

wow...lots of question....male? hehehe....i thought u r a cute female...

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

haha see ramai thought you a girl ngeh2.. igtkn az sorang je.. rupenye bederet2 think like that, so shine bright like a diamonds* cing cing.. x malu dah ngn kamu..
p/s: will wait for your reviem on paint SAI ^_^

Diari Si Froggie said...

Condoriano seorang lelaki? LOL.. serius i think u female.. haha. Condoriano orang mana eh?

Dianaa said...

okay, masih misteri. dan baru tau blogger ni lelaki. hihi ^^
nak tahu umurrrrrr

nurul ezzatie zulkarnain said...

balas kunjungan dari segmen yang sama ;)

btw, about my profile song : avril lavigne new song - here's to never growing up ;)

S.K.A said...

ha3..hak r la laki..cmne leh terlepas pndang plak..igtkn prmpn..umur brape??

Remy hazza said...

nice segmen... all the best.......
walaupun kebayakn jawapan masih mystery...he3

leogurl94 said...

dari segmen yg sama. Balas kunjungan :)


CIK i l y said...

haha ! awat nak misteri sgt ni.. x aci lahhh~! yang tau u dgn ur cat ! cat lover lah ni *like* . btw pe maksud nama u tu . eh :)

BTW, ily no 150 !! hehe . Thanks support segmen ily yang merapu ni. Ada jugak BOY yg join . tergelak mse part *NICE STOMACH* ehe .

u listed here ! jom kenal2 dgn lain wlaupun tau u dah ronda2.. :)

Condoriano said...

cik didiey, yeah silly you x)

Condoriano said...

Henrietta Jose, No no but im a cute male xD

Condoriano said...

AIZ, hmmm I think maybe cause my profile pics make them think that way, I better switch to a real boy photo instead of this your beautiful's boys x)

Oh inshaa Allah, I will review someday.

Condoriano said...

Diari si Froggie, aw I thought condoriano is a nice name for a guy x(
Im from Selangor by the way.

Condoriano said...

Dianaa, haha bagus lah. Eh umur ada tulis dalam tu.

Condoriano said...

nurul ezzatie, oh good songs, I just knew that she had a new album.

Condoriano said...

S.K.A, ish2 nasib baik kau tak ngorat kan? lol. Umur eh? ehem ehem muda lagi.

Condoriano said...

Remy Hazza, thanks Remy. Ish takdelah misteri sgt.

Condoriano said...

leogurl94, thanks for visiting :)

Condoriano said...

CIK ily, oh yeker the only BOY yg join? =.="nasib baik join kalau tak ramai igt aku ni blogger perempuan. Condoriano tu nama dari anime je x)

Dianaa said...

cough still young, maksud?

Nurul 'Aiziz said...

diana mksudnye dia msih muda, I think so..
*batuk* masih muda..
around 20 to 25years old.. mybe 23 kot.. just a guess ^_^
btw condoriano aka mi nam, what should I call you?? condoriano macam susah sgt nak memorize la..

Nurul Hidayah said...

Gud Luck Condo^^

Amanina said...

gudluck.. slmt bersegmen :)

Tuan Juhaida said...

good luck, ya! walau dah perkenalkan diri, tp masih misteri hehe

Ain Norainsyah said...

Wow..awesome...u're still mysterious..gud luck.:)

Lieya VoN JaY said...

i actually thought u are a girl too at first from the way u drop the comment but u are a boy indeed.. :)

Aku Penghibur said...

happy can know u :)
u're still mysterious..good luck.:)

BlogsOf Hariyanto said...

data and information that is very complete,
Greetings from Makassar - Indonesia :-)

AuL Howler said...

still mysterious for me.

Sronok baca tulisan ni.
makes me laugh and smile and laugh and smile..

4feet8 said...

Hide a secret: No. ..?

Starsign and Age: Aries and cough..cough still young. ..? NO?

Real name: Condoriano Ano, they seems real to me ..? NO?

hoho.. ;p

tapi soalan2 ni mcm tak berapa sesuai utk melayu mcm sy jwb.. hihi..

kiera'sakura said...

pestime tgk biodata panjang mcm nie hihihi

dilla said...

account number?

come on dude ,haha

Balqis said...

Your answers are short and sweet! Nice to know you. :)

aiman mania said...

nama sebenar ?heeeheeeheeeheeee.....
asyik no,yes,no, yes...explain sikit..kehkehkeh....misteri belum terungkai sepenuhnya ^^

Kamarul Arnizam said...

Done follow..:)Don`t forget follow my blog too..
Thanks~ www.kamarularnizam.blogspot.com

nurul ezzatie zulkarnain said...

tag awak :)


Aien said...

wah..sooo many need to be fill up???:-)

deno said...

awk orang yang misteri... heeeee.... ^_^

Nazmin Nazifa εїз said...

Wahhh... hmphhh x))

CIK i l y said...



SILA TUNTUT HADIAH SELEWAT-LEWATNYA PADA 15 JUN 2013 ! *Hadiah yg TAK dituntut akan BURN pd 16/06/13*